How To Check If SHSH2 Blobs Are Valid – [Guide]

check shsh2 blob validay for ios downgrade to unsigned version

iOS Jailbreak is tricky but equally alluring business. Constant ups and downs in the iOS jailbreak status keeps everyone interested in the process on their toes. Apple and iOS jailbreak community have been locked in tussle for supremacy for years now. Each try to pull off moves to out-do each other. As soon as a jailbreak exploit is released, Apple quickly marshals its resources to plug the loophole that allowed iOS to get jailbroken. Jailbreak is like root on Android. It allows you free your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch from the tightly control environment of the iOS regarding what can and can’t be installed on your device. Android is famous for its open-end platform that allows users to tweak and customize their deices. Opposite is the case with iOS, where Apple keep control over much of the firmware feature to prevent any attempt at customizing its iOS firmware.

Shsh2 blobs and iOS jailbreak go hand in hand. You need shsh2 blobs for the iOS firmware version which is no longer singed by Apple. And once Apple stops signing a firmware, you cannot downgrade your device on to it for jailbreaking iOS. Sometime, in a rush to try new iOS upgrades, you immediately upgrade your device to the latest iOS version, only to find later that Apple has stopped digitally signing previous version. Which can cause considerable headache for the fans of iOS jailbreak if the jailbreak tweak is released that works only on the iOS version that Apple no longer signs and officially supports. This is where shsh2 blobs come to the rescue, as they allow you to roll back your device to the previous iOS versions even if its isn’t signed by Apple anymore. Which in turn makes it possible for users to enable jailbreak on iOS version even if its not supported by Apple officially. However, shsh2 blobs are not without their limitations, check out more information on it in our Prometheus post.

The Prometheus iOS Downgrade tool is the preferred choice of many iOS jailbreak fans. But it has been a smooth sailing for Prometheus downgrade tool, as it developer, titmstar, acknowledge that a bug in the program caused the tool to save incorrect blobs needed to downgrade to an unsigned iOS version. However, the developers soon released an update with a fix. Moreover, they also added a feature that will allow users to check the status of blobs to see if they are proper working condition. The tool that helps users to verify the status is dubbed img4tool, but unluckily it requires expert technical know-how to operate it. To help solve this conundrum, 1Conan has come up with an alternative tool called TSS Saver.

How To Check shsh2 blob Working Status

Here are the step that you can follow to use iOS 10 SHSH2 blobs checker that enables users to find out if the saved shsh2 blobs are working or not.

To check the validity of shsh2 blobs, perform the steps below:

1 – Open any browser app on your device and visit address.

2 – Hit the Choose File / Open File button.

4 – Select your blob.

shsh2 blob checker5 – Next, under the Identifier field, select the device name and model.

6 – Now, click on the the choose file button under Blob. If you select iOS 10.1.1, you may have to enter blob’s ID as well, as can be seen in the image above.

7 – After that, click the reCAPTCHA box and hit submit button.

8 – To ensure your blobs are valid, check if the Board Configuration is correct and the rosi tag is set as true.

9 – That’s all.

That was the easiest way available to check the if shsh2 blobs are valid for downgrading to unsigned iOS firmware version for jailbreak.

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