How To Capture Screenshot Image On iPhone X Without Home Button

how to capture screenshots on iphone x

Learn how to easily take screenshot on iPhone X device. iPhone X is Apple first ever smartphone that doesn’t feature a physical home button. So previous methods of taking screenshot images on iPhone will no longer work. Let’s find out How To take Screenshot on iPhone X without home button.

Apple announced most anticipated smartphone device of the year at a launch even on 12 September. The new iPhone X features next-generation facial recognition technology for unlocking phone and making payments via Apple Pay. Third-party app developers are already working on integrating their apps with new iPhone X Face ID feature. Beside Face ID, iPhone X is also the first ever phone from Apple that doesn’t feature a physical home button. And since taking screenshots on previous models required the use of a physical home button, the absence of this feature also means a new technique is require to capture screenshot images on iPhone X. Keep on reading to learn how to do it.

Although iPhone X gets many first time features for an iPhone device, but most of them are already available to Android users on their smartphones. One of them is the removal of physical home button to make way for bigger Super AMOLED display screen. Moreover, Apple has used its own A11 Bionic chip in iPhone X. The new A11 chip is comparable to MacBook Pro 13-inch 2017 models in terms of processing power, which is quite insane to be honest.

As mentioned above, there is no home button on the latest flagship phone from Apple. Screenshots are an important function on modern smartphones. It is something that is used almost daily by users of iPhone. In older iPhone models with physical home button, the method to capture screen shots required pressing and holding down both Sleep/Wake and Home button at the same time. But this has changed in this year’s phone due to no physical home button. If you own an iPhone X and wondering how to take screenshot image on iPhone X then you are at the right place.

How to Take Screen Shot Image on iPhone X

Most smartphones feature a physical home key that is used to take screenshot. On iPhone, it was Home + Sleep/Wake/Power key combination to capture screen image up until now.

In order to Take Screenshots on iPhone X you will have to press and hold Volume UP + Power (also known as sleep/wake) buttons simultaneously to capture whatever is showing on your device’s screen at that moment. It may be a new way and could take some getting used to but ditching physical home button is worth the sacrifice considering it offers bigger and sharper display screen while keeping the device’s footprint to that of iPhone 8.

So, that’s how you can take screenshot on Apple iPhone X from now on. Start capturing screen images to share with your friends on Facebook and other social media apps. iPhone X screenshot grab still requires pressing two buttons at the same time albeit a slightly different combination compared to previous generations of Apple’s iPhone.

Some developers are saying that screenshots taken on iPhone X will have notch at the top of the screen, as there is a notch in the device display to accommodate various sensors. While others are saying device’s software automatically recognizes that you are taking screenshot and thus saves it without any notch at the top. See the images below showing a comparison of two types of screenshot images on iPhone X.

iphone x screenshot with and without a notch at the top comparison

Do share your experience of capturing screenshot images on iPhone X in the comments below. Is there a notch in screenshots on your device or not? Let us know in the comments box.

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