How To Bypass Forgotten Galaxy Note 7 Password


Galaxy Note 7 is definitely the best flagship device of the year in terms of specs. Despite recent battery scandal causing some device to explode, sales of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 show no sign of slowing down. You have to try the new Note 7 device in real to be able to experience all the great features of the device. Powered by amazing Exynos process which offers performance improvement similar to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. The device boasts awesome graphics on a brilliant QHD display and has a massive 4GB RAM. But what if you forget the password to your Note 7? You won’t be able to use all great features of the device unless to can unlock the device by entering proper password. We all have forgotten our device’s passwords at some point. However, if you known the trick to bypass forgotten password it makes life much more easy. Here is the guide which shows you how to bypass forgotten password on Galaxy Note 7.

Galaxy Note 7 as expected has raised the benchmarks for other companies like HTC, ZTE, Sony and others to follow. Worst thing that can happen to any smartphone users is to forget the device password, leaving you unable to access your device data and if you had not backed up the data then factory resetting the device to bypassing the forgotten password could result in permanent data loss.

But there is a way you can avoid this trouble. See the guide below to bypass lost or forgotten password on Galaxy Note 7 and successfully unlock your device even without the password. The guides will help users who have forgotten device password, pin, pattern and find themselves stuck on the lock screen. Those who have been looking for the solution have come to the right place. You can use instructions below to bypass forgotten Galaxy Note 7 password on other Android devices as well.


Two methods below will help to recovery lost or forgotten password on Galaxy note 7. In this first method, if you didn’t have Android Device Manager enabled on the device then you will likely lose all current device data. In the second method, however, if you have Android Device Manager enabled on the Note 7 device then you can easily get around the forgotten password to access the device again.

How to Bypass Forgotten Password on Galaxy Note 7

Factory Reset to Recovery Galaxy Note 7

1 – Power off Galaxy Note 7.

2 – Press and hold Power + Home + Volume Up button together until the logo shows up to boot the device into the recovery mode.

3 – Use the Volume Up key to navigate to the “Factory Reset/Wipe Data” option.

4 – Press the Power button to select the option.

5 – On the next screen you will be asked to choose Yes or No. Select YES to begin factory reset.

6 – Wait for the reset process to complete after which your device will reboot.

Your Note 7 will be back to the original out of the box state, if you already had made a backup then restore it to get your apps, contacts, files, information and other stuff back on the device and yes you can now set a new password for the device but don’t forget it this time.

Bypass Forgotten Password by using Android Device Manager

This method will help you to bypass device password without having to reset the device or losing existing device data.

1 – Go to Android Device Manager Website and locate your Galaxy Note 7 model.

2 – Click on the ‘Erase and Lock’ button.

3 – Follow on-screen steps as prompted to lock your Note 7, you can erase it if you want but for this tutorial we only need the lock option.

4 – Set a temporary password for your device.

5 – Use the temporary password which you just set to unlock your Galaxy Note 7 device. You can later change or delete this temporary password after accessing the device main menu.

That’s all. You successfully managed to bypass password on Galaxy Note 7 and can start using the device from where you left off. Send in your comments to ask about any issue with Note 7.

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