How To Buy Xbox One X For As Low As $350 From Microsoft Store


Microsoft’s latest gaming console is released all across the globe. But one of the biggest gripes about the new Xbox One X is its price, which is being decried as way too high for a gaming console despite having hardware that packs twice the power than on its nearest competitor Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro. The device is currently being sold for $499 official price.

Don’t raise your hopes too high if you are waiting for a Black Friday discount. The reason is simple enough to understand, its rare that a device launched only a few weeks prior to the festive period goes on discounted sales price. The probability of that happening gets lower when you take into account that the Xbox One X is selling like a hot cake. However, thanks to an ingenious trick originally shared by a Reddit user named Sebastian (Calebd2), you can save $150 or more on Xbox One X purchase. So, let’s see how to get an Xbox One X for $350 through the Microsoft Store.

Here’s How You Can Save Over $150 On Xbox One X Purchase

As this method involves a kind of workaround so it may take some time but all that time and effort will be worth it in the end when you get Xbox One X for $350 or less. The trick below has an additional side benefit as it gives you a chance to get a $10 Amazon Gift Card, in case you use a Mastercard. So let’s start.

Step 1 –

First of all, make sure you have a Galaxy Android smartphone. Here are the Galaxy devices that can be used for this method: Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8/S8+, Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Galaxy S6 Active, Galaxy Note 5, Gear S2/S3 (NFC enabled variants only).

You will need one of the above mentioned devices because this method is only possible through Samsung Pay app – where Xbox Gift Card are currently available at a discounted price – almost 20% off the original price. Buy 10 Xbox Gifts Cards through Samsung Pay. These cards are currently available at 20% discount ($50 cards for $40) on Samsung Pay. All in all buying 10 cards will eventually cost you $400 in total, but these Xbox Gift Cards still worth $500 in actual purchase money.

Note: It is important to remember that you can buy maximum 2 Xbox Gift Cards per day, so getting 10 of them is going to take 5 days. However, you can get around this restriction to buy more cards every day by using your friend’s Samsung Pay along with your own account. This will significantly reduce the number of days required to get 10 cards needed for this method.

What’s more, you receive $5 back on your first purchase from Samsung Pay (just add the code REWARD in the reward section). Additionally, you get a free Amazon Gift Card worth $10 after three Xbox Gift Cards purchases if you paid for them with Mastercard.

In the end, you manage to save $115 – $400 for $500 worth Xbox Gift Cards (redeemable in the Microsoft Store though the next shipment is not starting until November 30th), plus $10 top-up on Amazon Gift Card if paid via Mastercard and $5 back through Samsung Pay on first purchase.


Step 2 –

Once you have all the gift cards, next step involves signing up for TopCashBack as it gives you 8% cashback ($40) on the purchase of an Xbox One X from the Microsoft Store. This eight percent rate is applicable for the first four days, after that it reduces to 4% cashback. Moreover, you can avail additional $6 cashback with a referral link.

Step 3 – 

Now, click the Microsoft Store link on TopCashback’s website, and use all your Xbox Gift Cards to purchase your Xbox One X console. That’s it. Enjoy! amazing 4K games on the world’s most powerful console.


Here is the recap of all the discounts and cashback to give you a clear idea about the savings: $100 (Samsung Pay Xbox Gift Cards) + $40 (TopCashBack at 8% cashback rate) + $6 (TopCashBack Referral Link Bonus) + $5 (Samsung Pay First Purchase CashBack) totals $151 in savings. This brings the final Xbox One X purchase price down to $348. You can get the console for even cheaper in the form $10 Amazon Gift Cards via Mastercard offer.

One more thing… if you live in a state or place with extra taxes, get 11th Xbox Gift Card to cover extra charges. The Xbox One X can now be purchases for $348 from the Microsoft Store via Xbox Gift Cards sale offer through Samsung Pay and using TopCashBack for cashback.


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