How To Boot Into Safe Mode On Windows 10 PC [Tutorial]

two ways to enable windows 10 safe mode

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to boot into safe mode on Windows 10 running PC desktop, laptop or tablet. Safe mode is an extremely handy features that comes to your help whenever your Windows 10 device fails to performs due to issues related to drivers, apps, software, or any other problem with system files.

Every Windows users must know how to boot Windows OS into the safe mode to fix common errors on a PC, laptop or tablet running on Windows 10 as well as Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, XP and others. In this guide, we are going to focus on how to boot into Windows 10 safe mode on PC desktop or laptop. Microsoft has slightly changed the way you can boot your device into Safe Mode in Windows 10.

How To Boot Into Safe Mode On Windows 10 PC Desktop / Laptop

There are many problems on Windows 10 that can only be addressed successfully by entering your device into the Safe Mode. Although the Windows 10 is an extremely stable OS compared to the previous Windows version, but you can never discount the possibility of unexpected errors every now and then.

This guide will help you to come out of potentially harmful errors and issues. See a step-by-step below to reboot your Windows 10 device into the safe mode in order to fix issues that can only be resolved from the Safe mode. We are going to share two way to boot Windows 10 into Safe Mode. First we are going to share steps needed to boot Windows 10 into safe mode using Advanced Startup, and the other method involves using System Configuration tool in Windows 10 for booting PC desktop or laptop into Safe Mode.

How To Enable Safe Mode In Windows 10 Using Advanced Startup

1 – Right-click on the Start button and move the mouse pointer over Shut down or sign out which will open the a new power options list.

2 – Click the Restart option while holding down the Shift button.

3 – This will reboot your Windows 10 device into the Advanced option screen.

4 – There is another way of accessing the Advanced Startup on Windows 10. Head over to Settings > Update & security > Recovery where you will see Advanced Startup feature with the Restart now button, click on Restart.

5 – Windows 10 will now take you to a blue colored screen with some options showing on the screen. Select Troubleshoot option.

6 – Next, click Advanced options.

7 – In the next screen, click on Startup Settings option and then click Restart.

8 – This will boot Windows 10 device into a new Startup Settings screen with a list of options. To reboot into Safe Mode, hit the 4 or F4 key on keyboard to restart your device into safe mode. To reboot into Safe Mode with Networking, hit the 5 or F5 key.

9 – That’s all.

Enable Windows 10 Safe Mode Using System Configuration Tool

1 – Right-click on the Start button and select the Run option, or press Windows Key + R keys to open the Run dialogue box.

2 – In the Run box, type msconfig and hit OK to open System Configuration options window.

3 – In System Configuration window, click on the Boot tab and check the Safe boot option box under the Boot options. Also make sure that the Minimal option is selected under the Safe book option box. If you wish to keep the network connectivity enabled in Safe Mode, check the Network option as well.

4 – One done, hit the OK button and restart your PC to enter Windows 10 Safe Mode.

5- That’s all.

Please note that in the Windows 10 Safe Mode, you will have to instruct Windows to reboot into the normal mode instead of Safe Mode upon next reboot. For that, open System Configuration again and uncheck the Safe Boot option.

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