How To Boost Speaker Volume on iPhone [No Jailbreak]


In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to easily boost iPhone speaker volume to up and beyond its default maximum limit for extra special effect. What’s even better, you can get better sound without needing to jailbreak your device.

Apple is famous for delivering superior sound through quality audio stereo speakers on its devices. iPhone is no exception, it is among the very few smartphones that can proudly claim to offer best audio experience. But what if you can further enhance already great iPhone speaker to enjoy even better sound? Well, in this post, we are going to look at a method that is going to show you the way to easily increase speaker volume on iPhone in order to get the maximum out of it.

iPhone Audio Speaker

iPhone audio speaker can be hooked to an external third-party hardware if you are want better experience from audio perspective. You can connect iPhone to Amazon’s Echo, Apple’s HomePod or any other AirPlay or Bluetooth speaker, to enjoy theatrical sound around the house, hall or at an event. However, it’s not possible to carry an external hardware speaker everywhere. Users mostly rely on the internal iPhone speaker to play music, soundtrack and other audio files, which, though, gives decent audio quality but won’t be on par with top-quality hardware speakers.

How to Increase iPhone Speaker Volume to Maximum Limit

You would be relieved to read that you can unpack the full iPhone speaker potential without having to jailbreak the device. You can follow the steps in the guide below to get the best sound through iPhone speaker. This method can be performed through iPhone stock iOS firmware – no need to jailbreak or install a third-party tool. This will allow you to boost iPhone speaker volume so that you can easily play music around the house or big hall straight from the device itself.

Previously, you needed to jailbreak iPhone to install tweaks that could take advantage of the speakers on the smartphone. Now you can do so without jailbreaking your device. This will be especially usefully on older devices with single speaker. Although you may not get the ideal sound experience as is possible via a quality hardware speaker but you are going to get noticeable boost in the audio performance:

Step 1 – Launch the Settings app on iPhone.

Step 2 – Scroll down the Setting app menu until you see iOS stock apps section. Here, select Music and the tap EQ.

Step 3 – It will take you to a new section with a list of individual choices for the EQ option.

Step 4 – Tap on the Late Night option on the list. Make sure it a blue tick next to it to confirm the selection.

Step 5 – That’s all.

Actually this is all you have to do to get the best audio sound on iPhone without needing to jailbreak or install any third-party app. This will put you in a position where you will be able to enjoy noticeably better sound on iPhone.

Exit the Settings app, and open any music app of your choice to play a soundtrack which you can now listen to with even greater clarity and volume straight from the iPhone’s internal speaker without needing to connect it to a Bluetooth or other external speaker device. One more tip, try to enable this EQ option from settings when music is already playing on your device to hear the change of quality in real-time.

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