How To Block Ads In YouTube App For Android [No Xposed Required]


Anyone who uses YouTube for watching videos would be familiar with that annoying feeling when ads suddenly pop-up in the middle of videos. Every YouTube page now has several ads that can make navigation and selecting videos really bothersome, especially on devices with smaller display screen. That’s why in this guide we are going to show you how to block ads in the YouTube app for Android without needing Xposed framework so that even a non-expert Android user can enjoy ad-free YouTube experience.

On PC side there are many ad blocking extensions available on web browsers to block YouTube ads. However, things are not as straight forward when it comes to Android smartphones. Although there are some apps like Adblock Plus and Adaway for the same purpose but they don’t get the job done completely. Despite using ad block tools for Android, you still see some ads on the official YouTube app. This doesn’t mean that there are no other ways to get a complete ad-free experience on official YouTube app for Android.

The only effective way of blocking ads on YouTube app for Android was via YouTube Background Playback Xposed module. This tool makes some modifications in the YouTube app to block ads from showing on it. But using this module requires technical knowledge of Android system and it follows a complex process not suitable for every Android user. That’s why in this post we are going to look at a new method that will allow you to block ads from YouTube app on Android devices without needing Xposed framework.

Thanks to an Android developer Arter97 we now have a simple way of removing ads in Android YouTube app. Basically he modified the official YouTube app to remove ads from it, just like Xposed only this time all you need is access to a rooted Android device and the rest of the process is pretty straight forward as shown below.

Download Required Files

If you don’t know the DPI of your Android device, then download the DPI checker app from the Play Store. Open the app and tap on it to see your device’s DPI.

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How To Block Ads In YouTube App For Android Without Xposed Framework

This process is based on two steps if you have got an official YouTube app already installed on your device. First, you need to remove any currently installed stock YouTube app from your device and then install the modded YouTube app by following the instructions given below.

Uninstall Current YouTube App

If you are using the official YouTube app on your Android device you need to uninstall it and it has to be done in a way that you remove YouTube as a system app. If YouTube comes pre-installed on your device as a system app, you need to go to any rooted enabled file explorer and look for it in /system/apps/ then scroll down and locate a folder with the name YouTube. Open it and delete the YouTube app inside the folder.

Since this solution works only on Rooted Android devices, you can use Titanium backup. In the Titanium app, switch to the Backup/Restore tab and then tap on YouTube app on the list and finally select uninstall.

Install Modded YouTube App

After uninstalling the stock YouTube app, you can now install modified ad-free version of official YouTube app for Android. For that, go to any root enabled file explorer on your device, navigate to /system/app folder in the root partition of your device. Open the YouTube folder and paste the downloaded YouTube APK in this folder. Manually create a new YouTube folder if you deleted the one already on your device during the official YouTube app uninstall process above. Place the YouTube modded apk inside YouTube folder.

After creating YouTube folder and placing the modded apk inside it, grand all necessary permissions and reboot your device. After reboot, you can start using the YouTube app but without any ads during videos.

However, there is one drawback of this method. Unlike with the Xposed Module method, you cannot update YouTube app from the play store. To get the latest version, you can visit official developer website and download latest available version from there onto your Android device.

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