How to Backup Android Device without Root


Our today’s featured article is about backing up Android mobile and tablet without having to root the device. Here you can learn how to backup Android device without root. Everyone has all important contact information, photos, videos, images and much more on their phones, losing all that could spell disaster. But you can prevent this unfortunate situation from developing by backing up all device data regularly. In case you lost mobile data for some unexpected reason, you can easily recover lost data from the backup. Backing up device data is only a part of the whole equation; important thing is to backup Android device data properly. We highly recommend that you save device data on PC or cloud storage for quick recovery. Here we are going to show you how to backup Android mobile without rooting.

How to Backup Android Phone – Guide

See instructions below to create full Android device backup without having to root it first.

Backup Text Messages


Text Messaging has replaced voice calls as primary mode of communication on mobile devices. Every device has text messages on it and some of them could be of importance to users. To save and create automatic backup of every message ever sent or received on your device then check out this SMS Backup and Restore app for Android.

Open the app and click Backup which will create backup on your phone. You also get the option to save backup on PC or cloud storage. To restore lost messages, simply click Restore.

Complete Backup


You can either choose to backup individual files or entire Android device data. There is an app to create automatic device data for contacts, SMS, call logs, calendar, apps, bookmarks on PC, sd card or cloud storage. Download My Backup Pro to create entire device data.

Backup Photos


Google Photos app is the best app to create automatic backup of all photos on Android device. This app create automatic backup of every photo and organizes them in galleries. Just open the app and enable Auto Backup and Sync option.



To save contacts on PC or cloud storage on Android devices, open the Contacts App and in the main menu tap on Import/Export option followed by Export to Storage option. After exporting contacts they get saved on SD card in .vcf format.



To backup mobile apps, install Add Backup and Restore app. This app saved apk files of your apps but not the data. For backing up apps apk along with data, you would need to root the device. You can save apps on SD card as well which you can restore with a single click.

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