How to Backup Android Apps with Data


We just shared an article showing how to save Android device data contacts, data, photos and more without having to root the device, however, you could also you tips mentioned in that post for rooted phones as well. But on device that are not rooted you cannot backup apps with data. If you haven’t rooted the device you can only save app apk but not data, also saving one app at a time could be time consuming. Here you can see how to backup Android apps with data using Titanium backup tool. If you want to backup all apps, not just the app apk, but data as well then you would need Titanium backup app. Rooting the Android device is perquisite if you want to use this app. Backup apps with data before flashing custom recovery that wipes out entire device data or if the phone crashes. Before following this method, backup device data on PC or external SD card or cloud storage. Then download Titanium backup app from Google Play Store and save it on your device.

Before you Start:

  • Enable USB debugging on Android device.
  • Install Busy Box. To use this app Root Android device.
  • Locate Titanium backup folder in internal storage root and save it on PC.

How to Backup Android Apps with Data with Titanium:

1 – Download Titanium backup app from Google Play Store and allow it SuperSu root access during setup.


2 – App will scan your device system settings after confirming that BusyBox is installed and USB debugging enabled.

3 – On Titanium main menu, select Preferences. Choose your device backup location from Dropbox, Box or Google Drive.


4 – Now either select individual app backup or backup all apps option. Click Backup/Restore option and choose apps you want to backup and click backup button.


5 – To backup all or multiple apps, select ‘Batch from the main menu. This option backs up all apps including system apps (though backing up system apps is not recommended) and user apps with data.

6 – Select apps you want to backup, for backing up all apps, click green tick on the top right corner.

Wait for the backup process to complete. Give it some time to finish the process. You will get the notification at the end of backup process.

How to restore Apps with data:

Now that you have backed up all apps, its time to restore the backup of apps with data.

1 – If you are restoring apps for the first time using Titanium, choose Titanium backup folder location from Preferences.

2 – Now go to Menu > Batch and open Backup/restore option for restoring single app with data.


3 – For restoring multiple apps or all apps with data, click Run button and then Restore all apps with data and click green tick on the interface screen.

4 – This will start the restore process. Wait for it to complete after which apps with data will be restored on Android device.

Wrap Up

Apart from backing up apps with data on Android device, you can use Titanium backup app to create .zip file of the backup to flash it via recovery tool. This could be helpful to those who flash custom ROMs often. Click Create on the main menu to create zip file for custom recovery flash purposes after which you will see file on the device’s internal storage. Now select file and use TWRP to flash the file for restoring it.


You can also use Titanium backup to create automatic scheduled backups. Here is how:

  • Go to Navigate tab.
  • Select Redo backup for modified data or backup new users and system apps and newer versions or add your own schedule data and time.
  • Click Edit button and select Data and Time and enable this option.
  • Also set state and filter for scheduled backups.


With Titanium you can copy apps with data to SD card to clear up internal memory space. Change user app into a system app. Disconnect the app from update server to stop getting updates for that app. You can also use this tool to clear cache or to extract nandroid and adb backup.

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That’s all. You can successfully backed up Android apps with data files and learnt how to restore apps with data via Titanium backup app tool.

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