How To Backup And Restore Xperia Device DRM Keys (TA Partition)

restore and backup ta partition and drm keys on any xperia device

Owners of Sony Xperia devices often complain about the difficulty in creating the backup and then restoring DRM Keys (TA Partition). In this guide, we are going to address this irritating problem for you. Carefully follow the instructions of this post to learn how to Backup and Restore DRM Keys (TA Partition) on any Xperia Device.

It’s a no brainer that whenever you decide to root, install a custom recovery or unlock the bootloader of a Sony Xperia device, the first thing that you should do is to backup the TA partition / DRM Keys, so that it can be easily restored it something goes wrong during the process or if you are not satisfied with the results for some reason.

For those new to the concept, the TA partition is a more technical term that is used interchangeably for the much ridiculed DRM keys losing which is the worst nightmare of any Sony Xperia device owner. Sony is among the handful of manufacturers that support custom development on its devices in order to discover new ways to enhance user experience.

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You will find many useful guides on the internet about unlocking and rooting a Sony Xperia Device, after all it is one of the greatest pleasures of owning an Xperia device. However, tinkering with your Xperia device is not without its issues. Many users have reported that when they unlock bootloader and root firmware, the DRM keys/TA partition suddenly goes missing.

Sony has produced amazing cameras over the years. The company has brought the same camera expertise on to its mobile device. One of the main reasons people opt for the Xperia phones over other Android devices is their breathtaking camera quality. Sony camera sensors are designed to collaborate perfectly with the software technology used in the camera app, especially when you put it in the X-Reality and Bravia Engine modes. This results in marked improvement in image quality and colors. Everything on the photos and videos pops up and looks vibrant.

sony xperia backup and resote drm keys & ta partition

None of this can be possible without DRM keys. However, when you try to unlock the root access on your Xperia device, the DRM keys get disabled in the process. This adversely effects the camera functionality, and thus the image quality. Moreover, screen doesn’t look as sharp as before and colors become dull.

Although there are some solution and mods available that try to tackle these problems with display, colors and camera but they are mostly stop-gap solutions. That’s why it’s recommended that whenever you unlock the bootloader and wish to return to the stock state without losing DRM keys, you must first backup the TA partition that contains these all important DRM keys.

How to Backup and Restore TA Partition / DRM Keys on any Xperia Devices

Before starting, please note that Nandroid backup, though useful, does not save the DRM keys. So follow the steps below to ensure the save backup of DRM keys to easily restore them when needed on Xperia devices.

1 – Download Backup TA tool from this link here.

2 – Enable USB Debugging on your phone, skip this step it’s already ON.

3 – Extract the zip folder and open the folder.

4 – Inside the extracted folder, locate and click on a file named Backup-TA-bat.

5 – This will launch a CWD window with the following options:

  • Backup
  • Restore
  • Restore dry-run
  • Convertv4 backup

6 – Select ‘Backup’ option to create a backup of DRM keys or choose ‘Restore’ if the bootloader is already unlocked and you’ve already created a backup.

7 – That’s it.

This method works on all Xperia devices such as Xperia Z1, Z2, Z3, Ultra, and older models as well. Do visit the official thread to know more about the latest devices added to the support list.

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