How to Avoid Downloading Virus and Malware on Android Devices

how to avoid downloading virus and malware on android devices

Trojan virus can cause serious damage to your Android device if you are not careful about what you are downloading and installing on your phone or tablet. But who has the time to check which apps, tweak, tools, or mod has Trojan virus attached to it. Therefore, it’s important that you know how to avoid downloading Trojan virus on Android devices automatically so that you don’t have to manually scan and check every single file or app on your device. Here’s everything you need to know about how to protect your Android device from Trojan virus.

Being vulnerable to viruses and malware is the one constant criticism that Android as a platform attracts from different tech quarters. Android is an open-source system that makes it easier to push viruses onto it. Even Google Play Store app isn’t safe from Trojan attacks. Which makes it extremely important any Android user to protect your device against virus attacks. Here you are going to learn how to avoid downloading Android apps and games that can infect your device with Trojan virus.

What is Trojan?

Trojan viruses attacks your device in the disguise of a legitimate apps or program. When it successfully sits on your device’s main system, it starts collecting your personal data and information quietly in the background and disseminates it to hackers. This information could be used by hackers and criminals to empty your back account, amass credit card bill, and even remotely take control of your device.

How To Protect Your Android Device Againt Trojan Virus Attack

Prevention is better than cure. This old adage also holds true when it comes to protecting your Android device against Trojan virus. Instead of waiting for Trojan to sneak into the system of your Android device, it would be wise on your part to take precautionary measure to protect it from getting attacked in the first place. Do not let virus attack your Android device by following the instructions below.

Download Antivirus App

There are hundreds of Antivirus apps available on Android platform. Installing one on your device and keep it active is a wise move. Always have an antivirus app installed on your Android device as they constantly monitor your device for malicious software, apps, files and much more. But not all antivirus apps are to be trusted. Some can take advantage of even a tiny opening in the device security to bypass it. Therefore, use an antivirus app but along with the instructions given below, so keep on reading.

Try Not To Install Apps From Unknown Sources

Installing third-party apps and games, or download Apk files from sources other than the Play Store via external links can be harmful for your device if the downloaded files is infected with virus or malware.

So, keep ‘Unknown Sources’ option disabled from the Settings. Go to Settings > Security and uncheck the box next to the Unknown sources option. This will block any unwanted app from untrusted source to get installed on your Android phone or tablet. If you are sure that the app’s source is a trusted party, you can enable Unknown Source option and install that particular app and then disable the option afterwards.

Wrap Up

These were the best ways to protect your Android device against virus attack. However, there are some other ways to ensure device security and that include reading permissions for apps. Most apps these days ask users to grant certain permission such as access photo gallery, device data, social media, contacts, camera, phone, SMS, or credit card details. Don’t blindly allow all permission. First check which ones are relevant to the app and then allow only those permissions. If the app looks suspicious, don’t install it.

Another way to check whether the app is authentic to read app reviews first before downloading it onto your Android device. Users post their app experience in the comments section under all Google Play Store apps as well as on other Android App Stores. Download only the app with best reviews as they signal that the app is reliable.

So what do you thing about our tips for protecting your Android device against virus and malware attacks. If you think we missed any important tip, share in comments section below.

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