How to Automatically Start Kodi on Boot Using OnBootKodi APK for Android

kodi 17 and 17.1 krypton auto start on device boot up using onbootkodi apk

In this guide we are going to show you how to start Kodi Krypton 17 / 17.1 automatically when you boot Android device and Android TV. You can follow instructions in this guide to automatically start Kodi on Fire TV and Fire TV Stick as well.

If you are an Android device user and a Kodi fan, you would be pleased to know that a handy new APK app has been released which makes your life lot easier by integrating Kodi into the boot-up process when your device starts. APK shared below also works on devices that run on Android derivative such as Fire TV / Fire TV Stick. Kodi media platform is getting more and more popular among users of various digital platforms, which is not surprising considering the tool is packed with unique media consumption features. Kodi developers are constantly at work to give best possible user experience. With Kodi Krypton we are starting to see the true potential of the media center tool.

Kodi when installed on a particular device performs like any other standalone app. This means that you can use Kodi like other apps due to which using Kodi works seamlessly on a mobile or tablet device. On the other hands, users of dedicated Android device or a Fire TV Stick with Kodi use their device as the main Kodi player. This makes it really convenient to have Kodi load up automatically on boot up, like on a dedicated Kodi tool.

By default, there are no settings or configuration options to make this happen on Kodi. But thankfully someone with extensive development experience has risen up to solve the issue. Developer Xtraordinair has built an Android app which has turned this wish into reality.

Download OnBootKodi APK to Automatically Start Kodi on Boot-Up

A new tool called OnBootKodi app has been released in the form of an APK app. When installed, Kodi is loaded instantly on device boot up. This gives users full frontal Kodi media experience. The latest version of the OnBootKodi APK also has a new timeout features that enables Kodi to restart once the screen has been off for a set amount of time as defined by user.

Kodi users of compatible devices can download the OnBootKodi APK file from this link here and install it like any other Android APK app. Windows PC users see this link to learn how to install Android APK on Windows devices.

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