How To Automatically Disable Root While Playing Pokemon GO using AutoMagisk


If don’t want your Pokemon GO account to get banned while playing the game on a rooted Android devices then see the guide in this post to learn how to automatically disbale root while playing Pokemon GO. Rooting your Android device helps you accomplish lots more than what’s usually allowed by the manufacturers. With Rooted Android devices you can explore locked, hidden and forbidden features of your device in order to make the device perform according to your liking, not what manufacturer wants it to do. You can bypass security restrictions and policies with root permissions to gain access to every feature on the device. And this also makes rooted devices enemy of many app developers, who don’t release support for rooted devices due to security concerns. Niantic has also made its Pokemon GO app unavailable on rooted Android devices citing security reasons. Pokemon Go has been disabled on rooted devices, and millions of Pokemon GO players around the world are bearing the brunt of this harsh move by Niantic. Until recently you had to unroot your entire device to be able to play Pokemon GO, but all that has changed as we have brought a simple workaround for playing Pokemon GO on rooted Android devices with AutoMagisk.

After applying this trick on your device, you won’t need to constantly root and unroot your device just for playing Pokemon GO as the method below will automatically disable root while playing Pokemon GO and switch it back ON when you are done playing Pokemon GO. Android developer Kieron Quin (current XDA member: Quinny899) has come up with a new app called AutoMagisk that automatically disables root on your Android device when you play Pokemon GO on your device.

AutoMagisk has a root toggle in the app which allows you to disable the root when you are using certain apps and re-enables root when you exit those apps. This app enables you to circumvent root restrictions when playing Pokemon GO, Android Pay, the SafeNet API and similar other apps that don’t work on rooted Android devices. You can even bypass SafeNet API for conducting backing transaction in banking apps on rooted Android devices.

Any device that is compatible with Magisk can run AutoMagisk. First, Magisk Systemless framework and phh’s SuperUer must be installed on your device. If they are not installed then see the guide for doing so in the link below because this is very important for this trick to work.

How to Get Systemless Root on Android using Magisk

After installaing Systemless root on Android device using Magisk, follow instructions in the guide below to use AutoMagisk for automatically disabling root on Android device.

How to Automatically Disable Root on Android Devices with AutiMagisk

1 – Download AutoMagisk APK here and install it on your Android device. Make sure that Unknown Sources in device Settings > Security is enabled before downloading the apk and then install it like you install any apk file on Android.

2 – Open the AutoMagish app. If the app asks you to enable Accessibility service, go to Settings and enable it from system settings menu.

3 – In the next step, the app will ask permission for accessing root on your device. Allow root access to the app otherwise it won’t work.

4 – Now from the app’s menu, choose among the installed apps on your device the ones for whom you would like the SafeNet API disabled. Check Pokemon GO app from the list.


5 – You can now open Pokemon GO app which will show the message that the root has been disabled automatically.

6 – That’s all.

As long as you play Pokemon GO on your device, root will remain disabled. When you close Pokemon GO, it will be switched ON automatically. So you won’t have to root and unroot the device manually each time before and after playing Pokemon GO.

From AutiMagisk’s settings, you can disable popups, root when the screen is OFF and lock screen notifications. Try this trick on your device and let us known how it worked for you in the comments section.


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