How To Add Invisible Ink Effects, Full Screen and Bubble in iOS 10 iMessages App


Apple is about to roll out its new mobile operating system the iOS 10 with iPhone 7 launch. It should be available for OTA download on iPhone, iPad, iPod, iWatch devices later this month. So you should start getting to know the new iOS 10 a bit more before its official release in order to get accomplish things without errors. In iOS 10, Apple is reportedly launching a redesigned iMessages app with features required for most modern messaging apps. Here we have a guide for you to learn how to add ink effects, bubbles, full screen on iOS 10 iMessages app.

With the new iMessages app in iOS 10, texting will become fun. Here we have a guide to familiarize you with the new features in upcoming iMessages on iOS 10. See the step-by-step guide below about how to setup new iMessages features.

Some features have been packed inside the full screen mode and others in a smaller Bubble options. Both features unpack the potential to have a lively texting conversation with friends and family. Since these features are new, its useful to have a better understanding of them to get the full use out of them when the new iOS 10 is released.


Add Full Screen, Bubble and Ink on iMessages in iOS 10:

1 – Open the iMessages app on iOS 10 powered device. Type text message like you normally do which contains text or emojis or both.

2 – After finishing typing your message in the text field of the iMessages app on iOS 10, tap on the blue arrow mark facing upward direction.

On new iPhone devices with forced touch feature such as iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, use forced touch on the blue arrow. On non-3D touch devices, long-press to same effect. This will open a new screen overlay with a set of options delineated between Bubble and Screen tabs.

3 – Tap on the ‘Screen tab’ which contains four sub-options with four different features as mentioned below:

  • Slam: use this feature to slam the text bubble.
  • Loud: use to make the text bigger to suggesting shouting your main point in the text.
  • Gentle: opposite of Loud, it makes the text appear smaller.
  • Invisible Ink: it hides the text by making it invisible. Recipient get the animation prompting swiping on the screen to reveal the text.

4 – Pick one of the four effects option and send the text message. However, only those with iOS 10 on their devices will be able to receive these effects on their devices. (macOS Sierra and iWatch users will also get text animations sent via iMessages app on iOS 10 device).

5 – Now confirm your selection of effects by tapping on the blue arrow again. It gives a preview of the message so that you can make changes in case of any mistake before sending the message.

6 – Another option on the new iMessages in iOS 10 is the ‘Full Screen’ effect. Just like in ‘Bubble’ effect, tap on the blue arrow after typing the text, and select the ‘Screen’ tab instead of Bubble this time. Now swipe either right or left to choose among various available effects to send with your message.

You can choose from ‘Send with Confetti’, ‘Send with Fireworks’, ‘Send with Balloons’, ‘Send with Shooting Stars’ and ‘Send with Lasers’ effects for your iOS 10 iMessages.

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