How to Access Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recovery and Download Modes (Tips & Tricks)


Here you will see how to access recovery and download modes on Galaxy Note 7 devices. Recovery and download modes on Galaxy Note 7 are used for various purposes: they help you to install custom recovery, flash device’s firmware or custom recovery, root the device and may other tasks. We have explained the process of entering recovery and download modes in simplest possible terms in this piece even for non-experts to pull it off easily as following instructions incorrectly could result in damaging the device. So be careful while implementing instructions given below.

Actually there is not one but three ways to get to the download and recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices, and tips works for all Note 7 models. Also, ensure that your device is charged to the max before going ahead with the instructions below.


How to Access Download and Recovery Modes on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

See three ways of accessing recovery and download modes on Note 7 devices.

1 – Access Download Mode via Command Prompt

Before you Start:

Download adb fastboot and extract the file.

Go to Settings > Developer Options and enable USB Debugging


1 – Connect your device with PC via USB cable.

2 – Open adb fastboot folder and press SHIFT & Right-click on an empty space inside the folder window.

3 – Click ‘Open Command Window here’ from the context menu.

4 – In Command Prompt window, type adb reboot download and hit enter.

All done. You are now in download mode on Note 7.

Enable Recovery Mode on Galaxy Note 7 via Command Prompt:

Follow all of the above steps and in the fourth step above do the following:

  • In Command Prompt Windows instead of ‘adb reboot download’ type adb reboot recovery.
  • Wait a few minutes for the device to open recovery mode.

All done.

2 – Access Download and Recovery Mode on Galaxy Note 7 via Third-Party App

1 – On Galaxy Note 7 open Google Play Store app.

2 – Tap on the search bar and Quick Boot.

3 – Install the Quick Boot App on your Note 7.

4 – Open the app and follow on-screen instructions to enable recovery and download modes on Galaxy Note 7.

All done.

3 – Access Download and Recovery Modes via Key Combination

1 – Open Galaxy Note 7 and Press and hold the Power button and tap on Power OFF button to turn off the device.

2 – Now to turn on the device again, long-press Power + Home + Volume Up keys together and you will see the device running in recovery mode.

All done. You have successfully accessed Download and Recovery Modes on Galaxy Note 7. Leave comments below if you have any queries.

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