How To Access Hidden Genres On Netflix

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Here see how you can gain access and browse hidden genres on Netflix which are otherwise not available or easily accessible. There are many Netflix genres that are region specific. But there is swift workaround that will enable you to browser hidden genres on Netflix with the help of secret codes.

This trick is used by Netflix’s employees themselves to access hidden genres on Netflix. Who doesn’t know about Netflix. The online streaming service has become a global phenomenon and a preferred choice of millions around the globe for watching their favorite movies, TV shows, documentaries, kids content, and much more. Moreover, Netflix has the best lineup of exclusive shows which you won’t find on any other online streaming service.

Netflix is operating in over 200 countries around the globe with its number of subscribers increasing rapidly. Recently Netflix announced record subscription numbers to go with ever increasing revenue numbers. One of the biggest reasons for Netflix’s success is the vast library of content that is spread across various categories and genres. But not all of the genres can be access in any given country or region by default. Furthermore, this large library of content also makes it hard to find the right program at the right time until you spend some time surfing the Netflix content library. Well, here comes a quick trick that will allow you to find just what you are looking for in a matter of a few clicks or taps.

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How To Access Netflix Hidden Genres Using Secret Codes

Netflix fans will love this trick as it will make it easy to screen content to narrow it down based on genre that you like most. This makes digging into the Netflix catalog for searching your desired content a fun.

Here’s how this trick works not to mention it’s used by Netflix’s employees as well, so you can be sure that it will work on your device. When you open Netflix via a web browser, you might have noticed that at the end of the URL there is a code which acts as a unique indentifier for the category you are browsing at the moment. This code is different for all available Netflix categories of content. Now, when you change this code to a specific number combination, it will show a sub-genres that are normally invisible in the menu when you access Netflix via a web browser. And since they are not there on the menu, you cannot access them normally.

You will find numerous websites on the internet that contain a list of all Netflix genre codes. Just visit any such web page such as to find the exact genre code and simply type it in place of the currently showing code at the end of the Netflix URL on the web browser. By entering these codes in the URL, you can quickly jump to the desired genre along with sub-genres to find the content which is hidden from the eye in default Netflix menu.

Do note that not all codes are expected to work as it depends on the country of your residence and the place where you are accessing Netflix. Try different code combinations to find new interesting content on Netflix and don’t forget to let share your experience int he comments section below.

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