How iOS 11 Clear All Notifications Work on iPhone and iPad

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New Clear All Notifications on iOS 11 is an useful new feature for the users of iPhone and iPad. Here’s everything you need to know about iOS 11 Clear All Notifications feature and how it works on Notification Center and Lock Screen of Apple’s smartphone and tablet device.

iOS 11 is a giant leap in terms of new features, enhanced security and improved user-interface. Apple deserves all the credit for the radical revamp of its mobile operating system to bring it inline with advancements of smartphones, tablet and app development technology. Most of the new additions made in the new iOS 11 firmware a largely noticeable and well thought out to provide better user-friendly experience. But there are some aspects of the new OS that are not as conspicuous as others, such as auto-brightness feature and the ability to clear all notifications on iPhone and iPad.

Among the biggest overhauls in iOS 11 are the changes to the Notification Center and Lock Screen as Apple opts to merge the two into one in order to make it easier for users to access them from one place. Initially it does take a little getting used to but once you become familiar with their working it will eventually start to grow on you.

To help you better understand how the new notification center and its features work, we have come up with a step-by-step tutorial below.

How to Clear All Notification on iOS 11 iPhone and iPad Devices

Not many people know that starting from iOS 11 it is possible to clear all notifications with a single tap. Apple decided to keep this feature in its new iOS version, but requires a bit more effort to reach. Here is how you can find and use Clear All Notifications in iOS 11 firmware:

Step 1 – To start, make sure you are on the Lock Screen of iPhone or iPad or have the new notification center pulled down from the top of the display. This is where you will find all new, recent, and old notifications on iOS 11.

ios 11 notification center

Step 2 – Recent notifications can be seen on this notification screen from where you can interact with them one-by-one. Another thing that you will note is that there is no X button on the right-side for removing them all in one tap. Apple has decided to show the X button only on older notifications section. For that, you will need to swipe to see older notifications.

Step 3 – Swipe up to see the older notifications that are shown in categories under separate labels such as “Earlier Today” depending on the time of notification received. Here, you should also see the X button just above the group of older notifications at the right side. A single tap on the X will bring up the animated button saying Clear. Tap on it to clear all notifications under that particular section of the notification area.

ios 11 notifications center

Step 4 – But when you use 3D Touch on this X button, it will animate the while screen while sending the notification view into the background and shows up a 3D Touch shortcut on top of it with only one option saying Clear All Notifications.

clear all notifications on ios 11

Step 5 – Simple tap on this Clear All Notifications button to remove all recent and old notifications with a single gesture.

That’s it. This is how new Clear All Notifications works on iOS 11 devices.

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