Hide Developer Options on Android Devices, The Easy Way


Here’s a guide on how to hide Developer Options on any Android device using some useful tools that we are going to discuss in this article. Android is world’s most used mobile firmware and for a reason. It offers endless possibilities to customize Android device according to personal liking, something other mobile operating systems such as iOS. Android’s open source platform affords unfettered environment to developers and non-experts to tinker with their device, even access features that initially come blocked by OEMs. One of the best tools available in Android is the SDK tool-kit for developers that comes with many sub-tools that makes customization on Android device fun and easy. In Android SDK, most commonly used tool are the ADB and Fastboot tool, which many Android users might be already quite well familiar with by now. You can use ADB and Fastboot for fixing errors, issues, and installing firmware on your Android device.

Another likable aspect of Android OS is it allows, rather actively encourages, users to develop apps, ROMs, firmware, kernels and much more to improve device performance and open new possibilities of creating amazing new features. That’s why all Android phones have a dedicated Developer Options built-in for free. In most Android devices, the Developer Options can be found in the Settings app. You can use Developer Options for many reasons, some of the main uses include:

  • Enable USB debugging to flash kernels and images on Android device
  • Showing real-time CPU usage by the device’s various running processes
  • Enabling debugging options to simulate app stresses
  • Presenting bug reports
  • Displaying debugging information such as GPU and hardware rendering, and more

One of the most commonly used features of Developer Options is the USB Debugging option. Without enabling USB Debugging, your device cannot establish a successful connection to PC for device customization and tweaking purposes, neither will it be able to write data onto your Android device.

Activating the debug bridge between Android device and PC via USB Debugging option is necessary if you wish to install stock firmware, root your device, flash kernels or factory images, unlock bootloader. Developer Options used to easily accessible in Android 4.1 or older Android versions. But Google changed all that from Android 4.2 onward, where the Developer Options could no longer be seen on the device settings. Prompting users to perform a little trick to access the option.

Google’s decision to hide the Developer Options makes no sense; why would you want to hide an option after enabling it on your device. Its highly recommended that once you enable the Developer Options on an Android device, you should keep it that way. Who knows who might need to use it sooner or later. Especially when the device goes into a bootloop, and Developer Options is disabled, you won’t be able to access it to fix the bootloop error on your Android device. Since you cannot access USB Debugging for installing the firmware when Developer Options is disabled, fixing bootloop will become a headache. Therefore, keep the Developer Option enabled at all times to be on a safe side.

Methods To Hide Developer Options on Android Devices

However, if you still want to hide the Developer Options, then see the steps below for disabling Developer Options on Android device.

Disclaimer: Follow both methods below at your own risk as we will not be responsible for any damage to your device.

First Method:

1 – Open Settings app on your Android device

2 – Tap on Apps/Applications

3 – Swipe right-to-left to see a list of ALL Apps on your device

4 – Locate the Settings app and tap on it

5 – Tap on the Clear Data button

6 – Return to the main Settings menu, where you should no longer see Developer Options 

The method above was tested and worked on HTC One (Sense 5 ROM) and Nexus 5 on stock and CM11

Second Method:

On some Samsung devices, the method explained above might disable Clear Data button after which it won’t work. However, there’s another method that you can use on your Android device to disable Developer Options on your Android device. Please note that the method below will wipe out existing device data, so back up all important data and apps before proceeding. The method below won’t remove data saved on internal SD card of your Android mobile or tablet.

1 – Launch the Settings app

2 – Tap on More/General tab (on Samsung devices)

3 – Tap Backup and reset

4 – Uncheck Backup my data option

5 – Now tap on Factory data reset

6 – Select Reset device

7 – Confirm your selection when prompted after which you device will reboot with facotry reset

8 – When the device reboots, open the Settings app again and tap on More/General

9 – Developer Options should now be invisible or hidden

10 – That’s all

Let us know how the above methods worked on your device in the comments section below.

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