Here’s What You Need To Know About iOS 11 Slowing Down iPhone / iPad

ios 11 slow down on iphone test results and comparison

So you have updated your device to iOS 11 but experiencing slow down in the performance of your iPhone or iPad due to enhanced animations and other improvements in graphics, right? In this post, we are going to dissect the performance of iOS 11 against previous iOS 10 based on a side-by-side speed test comparison.

Initial responses regarding the working of iOS 11 have started coming through since its global launch on 19 September. Depending on the results of user experiences with the new incantation of Apple’s popular mobile operating system, there are three kinds of reactions that are dominating the initial feedback on the internet. Some are jumping in overjoying delirium as the update is exactly what they had wanted to see in an iOS firmware. Others are sounding a bit disappointed with the way new OS has performed on their devices thus far, as they are noticing bugs and niggles tampering their interaction with the new update. While some are outraged as they have faced serious performance issues on iOS 11 device, or found changes in the UI or the way existing features behave contrary to what they had expected from an iOS operating system.

Apple will certainly release an update with bug fixes in coming days, which will address the concerns of those still on the fence about the new iOS version and would certain move them to the happy camp. But what about those who are not pleased due to slow device performance ever since the iOS 11 update?

After analyzing responses across the spectrum of initial feedback it is hard to find a common theme in the gripes about the performance issues that people are expressing on various social media platforms and online forums. Varied range of responses from iOS 11 users is certainly not making it easy to determine one agreed-upon issue that can be classified as the chief culprit behind the sluggish performance on some iPhone and iPad devices running on iOS 11.

But a YouTube channel EverythingApplePro dived into the details to find out how iOS 11 stacks up against the iOS 10.3.3 on various models of iPhone. They have run various tests on both version of iOS firmware for speed comparison. Video review also shows them applying Geekbench tests to find out benchmark scores. And the results will shock you!

ios 11 iphone slow down performance test and comparison with ios 10.3.3

First thing that is immediately noticeable from the review is that the iOS 11 powered devices are not suffering from lag or slow performance issues due to some obscure reasons being reported by users on the internet. However, it did come to light that the cold boot of iOS 11 does take a bit longer than on iOS 10.3.3 version. This is not surprising considering iOS 11 features lots of additional changes in the working of the overall OS, including design improvements, more apps, better multitasking ability, and other enhancements that make certain system files longer to load as compared to the previous iOS 10.3.3.

App lag test on iOS 11 shows that certain apps indeed have slow response time and lag behind those on iOS 10.3.3 likely due to a new app opening and closing animation on this year’s update. Apple may fix this in the upcoming bug fix release. But this app lag issue is not universal throughout the iOS 11, some apps work perfectly fine while opening and closing with swift response.

However, perhaps the most surprising bit is the result of the Geekbench score that shows iOS 10.3.3 manages to score higher than iOS 11, this means the former goes a decent job of extracting the full potential of the device’s hardware than the latter.

If you are experiencing issues with the performance or lags on your iOS 11 device, then check out our guide on how to speed up iOS 11 devices.

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