Here’s How You Can Add Home Button To iPhone X


In this useful guide, we are going to show you how to easily add a virtual home button to your iPhone X to get back that familiar feel of quick tapping to perform actions.

Apple’s decision to ditch physical home button for Face ID on the new iPhone X has been well documented in the mainstream media. Near bezel-less smartphones without the physical home button have been around for quite some time. Several Android OEMs have already floated phones with similar functions. Apple attempt to stay abreast of the latest technological trends in smartphone industry is not going to please everyone. Some users are already expressing dismay at the removal of physical home button due to several reasons. Familiarity with and convenience of a home button being the chief reasons behind most complains. In the following quick guide, you can learn how to add home button to iPhone X.

How To Get Home Button on iPhone X

With iPhone X, Apple has embarked on an era of post-physical home button future of smartphones. It’s only a matter of time before all of Apple’s phones will be without a physical home button. Face ID will be replicated to future iPhones across all price points. New gesture based iOS experience with iPhone X is just the beginning. But some users are already starting to miss the feel of an home button.

If you are among those who are struggling to shed the nostalgia and once again want to experience the feel of tapping a button to perform tasks, you might find the following tip useful. We may not be able to get the full physical home button experience back but the new idea is not too shabby either.


The trick involves using the accessibility option in the iOS settings app. Using the option, getting a new home button is just a few taps away. We are talking about AssistiveTouch.

To get the feature on your iPhone X, go to the Settings app. Head over to the Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch and enable the option by tapping on it.

Next, select Single-Tap and assign the Home button action to it.

Once done, you will now see a new white dot on the display. This dot essentially behaves like a home button just like on non-iPhone X devices. This feature is also available on older iPhones for users who cannot, or don’t prefer the physical button. Similarly, on iPhone X, it can be deployed as a virtual home button, if you so desire.

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