Here’s How To Prepare Your iPhone / iPad for Big iOS 10.3 Update

how to get iphone and ipad ready to install ios update

Apple has started rolling out latest iOS 10.3 update for supported iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and iWatch models. If you are using any of these devices, you must have received the OTA update notification by now. But some users prefer manually installing major iOS updates since it reducing the changes of errors and buggy installation that has often been seen with the OTA update method in the past. So, if OTA update method is not you thing, or you like manually updating to a major iOS update and like to have everything in proper order to avoid installation issues later on, then you might want to keep on reading as we are going to share some useful tips to prepare your device before iOS update. This will also come in useful for the fans of iOS jailbreak as it will save you time and effort required to address post-installation problem on your device.

Best Ways To Get Your iPhone And iPad Ready For A Major iOS Update

Before starting, you can refer to these tips for all big iOS updates in future as well. Apple has been busy releasing betas of iOS 10.3 to test the firmware before the global release. This is a new norm among tech companies; they push out beta versions of the next major update to locate any possible errors and bugs with the help of beta testers so that they can be removed before the final version is ready for worldwide launch. Finally, after a few months of beta testing, Apple has rolled out latest iOS 10.3 update for iPhone, iPad and other iOS running devices.

Before installing iOS 10.3, you should read the tips below in order to get your device ready in a proper manner so that you installation issues and errors occur during or after the update.

Clear Up Storage Space

This one is obvious. First and foremost, your device must have enough free storage space available to install the update. Using OTA method for iOS 10.3 update can get irritatingly interrupted if space on your device is less than the overall file size of the update. It’s always better to have a minimum of 2GB of free space before going ahead with the installation of the major iOS update. You can check free store space from Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage. To learn how to clear storage space easily, check out our tips in a guide to clear up storage space on iOS devices.

Backup Data

Always backup everything installed on your device, including apps, settings, contacts, photos, videos, and other stuff via iTunes backup or iCloud restore & backup. This saves you from having to worrying about losing important data if anything goes south during the software update process, or the new software starts causing issues on your device.

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Enough Battery Charge

Trying to install a large iOS update on a low battery can turn out to be a disaster if your device suddenly shuts down in the middle of the update process. Always make sure that you device has over 50 percent battery juice before starting the major update installation process. Apple has imposed this over 50% battery charge requirements for all its new iOS software updates as a safeguard against possible damage that can be caused to your device if it runs out of battery and shutdown during the update. Also, have your device plugged in to a power source before installing a new update.

Install iTunes Drivers On Computer

Apart from the OTA update method, there is another, much safer method of installing a new iOS update and that involves using iTunes software on your computer. But to update you device using iTunes, you must first make sure that latest iTunes version and device drivers are installed on your Windows PC. Mac users don’t have to worry about driers issue. For Windows users, make sure you have connected your iPhone or iPad to Windows computer at least once so that automatic drivers get installed. This saves you the headache of having to install drivers manually at the time of installing iOS 10.3 via iTunes. Without drivers, your computer won’t recognize your iOS device.

Wrap Up

Now with the iOS 10.3 already out, you can choose to update it via OTA method or use iTunes for safer and stable update. Although there are no major interface changes or new features in the iOS 10.3 but it does come with an all new APFS (Apple File System) for iPhone and iPad, which makes it a sort of a major update.

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