Here’s How To Fix iPhone 7 Home Button Failing – [Apple Releases Official Temporary Fix]


Here’s how to fix iPhone 7 home button not working using temporary official fix released by Apple. In the iPhone 7, Apple abandoned the classic click/tactile home button and replaced it with a solid-state pressure sensitive that employs haptic technology to imitate button presses. This new iPhone home button technology has been received positively by users as it solves many issues associated with previous click home buttons on previous iPhone generations. However, some reports are surfacing related to the iPhone 7 home button getting frozen when updating or charging your device. If you have been experiencing issues with the home button on the iPhone 7, you may want to have a look at the official fix that Apple just released to address this issue. See below how you can fix home button on iPhone 7 using official temporary workaround released by Apple before it resolves the issue permanently in the next update.

One of the helpful features of iOS 10 is that its programming codes enables the device to control the Taptic Engine-powered feedback and this enabled latest iPhone device to quickly release automatic workaround tips when diagnostic software on it feels that something in iOS 10 is not working or linking properly on the device and with its hardware.

Apple Has Issued A Fix For Faulty Home Button On The iPhone 7 – Here’s How To Fix Home Button On iPhone 7

When the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were launched, many customers expressed disappointment over the fact that Apple replaced iconic tactile home button with a solid-state home button. But what many fail to realize is that the new solid-state home button technology on the device allows Apple to quick identify problem on your iPhone and issue a quick fix if anything goes awry.

A MacRumors forum member ‘iwayne’ that the solid-state button on his iPhone 7 stopped working all of a sudden and popped up a message that ‘The Home Button May Need Service’ and that the user can use the on-screen home button instead until the issue is resolved. The said user released a picture of the error message on the MacRumors forum page. Apparently this happened during charging the device after which the device automatically turned OFF with the Haptic feedback stating malfunctioning after a restart.


However, what is most surprising about this incident is Apple immediately offered an alternative solution along with the error message i.e. user can keep on using the on-screen home button in the meantime the issue with the solid-state home button gets addressed. This on-screen home button acts just like the solid-stare home button on iPhone 7 & 7 Plus devices. Although Apple offered a temporary fix as soon as the problem was detected by iOS 10’s new programming code embedded inside the Taptic Engine, users facing this issue will need to patch their iPhone before things get out of hand.

Problem with the new Taptic Engine linked to the new home button on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is it can freeze when the iOS 10 becomes unresponsive. Which is why Apple introduced a new way of resetting the iPhone 7 series of devices. Apple has worked out a temporary solution for haptic sensor system failing, but only time will tell weather it is any better than the previous physical home button on iPhone.

Rumors are also rife that Apple may ditch the home button altogether in the upcoming iPhone 8 to make way for the edge-to-edge display.


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