Here Are the Leaked Specs of Snapdragon 845 and Kirin 970


Out of nowhere a Chinese source has revealed the specifications of the Snapdragon 845 and Kirin 970 processors that show both processors have a faster memory and storage than their predecessors. 10nm FinFET node is found on both according the latest leaked specs sheet shown below.

Qualcomm’s new top-end Snapdragon 835 is available only in handful of devices but we are already seeing reports about the specs of its possible successor, the Snapdragon 845. This leaked sheet of specs appears to be highlighting comparison between Snapdragon 845 and Kirin 970 chipsets that are going to be manufactured on the same 10nm FinFET architecture. Moreover, as you can see in the image of the leaked specs sheet below that both chips are undergoing a significant boost in terms of storage and RAM, this means future mobile device featuring these chips will be markedly faster than the current generation of smart devices.

Snapdragon 845 Will Be Based on ARM’s Cortex-A75 Series – Both Chips Will Feature Faster UFS 2.1 And LPDDR4X Memory

In a stark departure from its existing performance standards, Qualcomm looks set to replace its own custom cores with ARM’s Cortex-A75 for SoC. Qualcomm manufactured processors for Snapdragon 820 and Snapdragon 835 chips. But this is about change if the latest leaked specs report via MyDrivers is to be believed. Qualcomm’s next lineup of Snapdragon processor will be based on ARM’s Cortex-A75 as SoC to handle performance side of the things while the Cortex-A53 cores will be responsible for looking after the tasks like video playbacks and graphics rendering.

The official launch of the Snapdragon 845 is still a long away, most probably sometime next year, but that didn’t stop its specs from getting leaked online. Most important bit about this leaked specs report is the part where it shows that 10nm FinFET LPE looks certain to be the main manufacturing architecture for the upcoming Qualcomm processors, effectively replacing the LLP base in current chipsets and this casts a massive doubt on the authenticity of this leaked specs report, so don’t take every words of it.


As far as Kirin 970 is concerned, it is expected to match Snapdragon 845 performance-wise. Both chipsets show a faster UFS 2.1 storage to go with LPDDR4X memory, which points to faster and battery efficient Android smartphones in future.

Snapdragon 845’s Adreno 630 GPU gives it the edge of competitor’s offers, but there is still a long way to go before both chips will be released which gives ARM ample time to come up with something that can rival or even overshadow Qualcomm’s chip. We will have to wait and see how things pan out on this front.

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