Here Are The Leaked Images Of iPhone SE 2

iphone se

It looks like Apple isn’t ready to give up on iPhone SE lineup just yet. In the midst of all the hysteria surrounding the next Apple flagship phone, alleged leaked images of the iPhone SE 2 have surfaced online which you can see below.

When all the spotlight is firmly directed toward the upcoming iPhone 8, everyone is forgetting that Apple is about to release another device in the market, the iPhone SE. Rather unexpectedly, the refreshed model of the iPhone SE would comes with beefed up specs and slightly changed design from last year’s device. Although, there are no confirmed reports whether Apple is actually working on a followup iPhone SE 2, but a new leaked image gives credence to the rumors that the iPhone SE 2 could be real.

The leaked image of the alleged iPhone SE 2 appeared on the Chinese social media network Weibo, which is becomes the main source for sharing leaked images in recent months. Leaked image below shows rare panels for a device that’s being claimed to be the iPhone SE 2. If this does turn out to be the leaked image of the actual device, then we might see a fresh model of the basic iPhone.

As can bee seen in the leaked image, the back panel is made up of Ion-X glass, which is the same material used for Apple Watch models. This also backs rumors that this year’s iPhone SE might feature wireless charging technology.

iphone se leaked image

Also showing on the paper sheet in the image that the device has been assigned N79 number, which suggests that the leaked panel does indeed belongs to a device Apple is working on in collaboration with its partners.

Supply chain is rather quiet on the iPhone SE 2, we shouldn’t expect the new model to arrive anytime soon. Some reports are suggesting that early 2018 could the most probable time for the release of the next iPhone SE. Moreover, Apple seems busy in the production of the upcoming flagship phone by committing all resources to it, which could further delay the rumored launch of the iPhone SE.


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