Has Samsung Just Confirmed Curved OLED iPhone 8?

samsung the supplier of curved oled for iPhone 8

Samsung may have accidentally confirmed previous rumors that Apple is indeed planning to launch iPhone 8 with curved OLED display. First quarter financial results of the South Korean tech giant were released a few days ago that show record breaking quarter in terms of revenues. But the financial report also revealed something very interesting.

Of late, there have been murmurs in tech circles that we may not actually see a curved OLED iPhone 8. However, after carefully scrutinizing the recent financial figures one can see a significant increase in the projected numbers of the OLED panel production, which chimes in perfectly with the rumors engulfing the iPhone 8.

Tech industry has been buzzing with rumors that Apple is working on a premium iPhone 8 handset featuring a curved OLED screen, like the one available on the Galaxy S8. News that Samsung has been selected as the main supplier of curved OLED panels by Apple is also doing rounds.

Now put all this information in context of the following statement that appeared in Samsung’s recent results: “For OLED, revenue is expected to grow [year-on-year] due to an increase in the supply of flexible panels in the second half.”

Samsung is allegedly working on a flagship phaplet device – the Galaxy Note 8 – due sometime later this year. It makes one wonder weather the foretasted numbers are related to the OLED panels to be used in the Note 8. However, in the comments section, it clearly states “supply”, meaning that the OLED panels are being produced for third parties.

Although, Samsung already manufactures OLED panels for third-party clients but the dramatic increase in the projected production of the OLED screens suggests that perhaps a new partner with big order has entered the scene. This new entrant could very well be Apple who is being tipped to be working on a premium iPhone 8 with curved display.


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