Google Pixel and Pixel XL Leaked Images Show Devices in Flesh with Several Rumored Features Confirmed


We are fast approaching the launch of Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL 2016 flagship devices from Google. Official launch of the next Google smartphone lineup is October 4. So far we have known quite a bit about the upcoming Google smartphones in rumors that have only gathered more pace as the launch gets ever so closer. This year’s phones from Google will replace Nexus brand name with Pixel and will be shipped with Android Nougat 7.0 latest mobile firmware. As far as design is concerned, Google is placing its bets high with a complete overhaul of physical design and build of its new Pixel series of smartphones. For more details about the design and leaked images, keep reading as more information is given below. Here we have brought leaked Google Pixel and Pixel XL images that seem to confirm most or all rumors regarding Google’s next phones.

Alleged Leaked Images of Google Pixel and Pixel XL Confirm Device Design Rumors

Ever since a hint of next Google smartphone surfaced, rumors mill started churning out bits and pieces of leaked information. But as we started to get closer to the launch event, rumors and leaks also gathered pace. First we heard that the new pair of Pixel devices will be manufactured by HTC and will come with the Snapdragon 821 chipset embedded. Snapdragon 820 is already being used on whole host of Android devices, and if Google decides to go with 820 then we can safely say that Google has taken a step backwards rather than forward. New Pixel phones are also rumored to feature 4GB of RAM and 12MP of rear camera, which will put the devices in the top-tier smartphone bracket.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL specs rumors are the thing of the past because now for the first time reliable renders of the upcoming devices have appeared on the internet. The images below give the most clear indication yet of what Google has in store for us. Pixel XL and Pixel would allegedly carry soft corners and edges. Devices looks almost certain to have fingerprint sensor and may come in a new Blue color option which would be the first time in any Google phone. Here are some latest images of the devices that confirm rumors about the device design.


We can see leaked images of Google Pixel and Pixel XL up close thanks to the folks over at AndroidPolice. The devices have an aluminum finish body and seem almost same design-wise. Pixel and Pixel are set to have 5-inch and 5.5-inch screen size respectively. We can also clearly see the glass panel at the top rear end of the devices in leaked images. Sensor arrangement at the front is similarly designed.


Perhaps the most shocking aspect of upcoming Google Pixel and Pixel XL is their price which is expected to be higher than any of the previous Google flagship device. Even the 5-inch Pixel model with a base storage of 32GB is rumored to cost swashbuckling $649 bucks which is well in the range of Samsung Galaxy flagships and Apple iPhones. Google is contemplating on releasing devices with different financing plans in order to make the devices more affordable for the larger segment of the market. Launch date is scheduled for October 4, till then we will keep bringing more rumors and leaks as soon as they surface. Share your thoughts about these leaked images and Pixel rumors in the comments section below.

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