Google Announces Best Play Store Apps (2017) – Here Are The Google Play Award Winner Apps

best play store apps 2017

Google has released a list of the best apps for Android phones and tablets across 12 categories. In its I/O conference 2017 held last week, Google issued a selection of best apps while addressing Android developers and programmers at the event. Here is a list of best Google Play Store apps for 2017 within the 12 categories.

Best Play Store Apps (2017) For Android Devices – Official Google List

Last week was busy time for Google as it entertained Android programmers at its annual I/O event. Along with many issues that were covered at the event, Google also released a list of the 2017 Google Play Award winners of best apps for Android devices. Winners have been picked across 12 categories.

Google’s selection of the best apps for Android are out. Some surprising apps make it into the list along with some already well reviewed applications.

Best Android App

Memrise (free download)

This apps has revolutionized new language learning by making it interesting for Android users. You can download it for free from the Play Store and use this Memrise language spymaster app to improve your language skills. Apps makes it fun to learn new skills by sending you on various interesting missions to distant galaxies and epic adventures while learning language.

Best App For Kids

Animal Jam- Play Wild (free download)

This free Android app is for kids which helps them discover their fun side by getting into the skins of their favorite animals. Animal Jam – Play Wild! This apps will provide a guided tour of the exotic Jamaa universe where lots of interesting mysteries are waiting to be uncovered. On the epic journey, players come across other users of the app from around the world to play animal themed games and challenges together and hunt for secret treasures.

Best Game

TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight (free download)

Google’s award for the best Android game 2017 goes to TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight. Download this entertaining RPG for free from the play store and join your favorite transformers Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Grimlock and other robots in the defining battle for the future of the universe.

Best Multiplayer Game


In multiplayer Android game category, Hearthstone takes the winners prize. Google considers it to be the best multiplayer strategy game currently available for free to Android users.

Best Android Wear App

Runtastic – Running and Walking

Runtastic is fitness app that keeps track of your daily exercise and health routine. It’s a free application that works with Android phones and wearable devices such as smartwatches. Simple to use it measures your daily travel distance, speed, duration, calories burned and much more. GPS keeps track of your location on the map so that you can know the routes covered and what’s remaining. You can manage all health data from a single Runtastic page with an option to share on Facebook and other social media.

Best Productivity App

IFTTT (free download)

IFTTT brings all your favorite services in one app so that you can access them from one place. IFTTT works with over 400 top Android apps including Google Drive, Twitch, Telegram, Instagram, Gmail, Amazon, and more. You can access news from top media sources and social network in one app. It has a features that allows users to post on social media without leaving the app.


As for the remaining winners of Google’s best Android apps, see a list below that is based on different categories.

Best VR App: Virtual Virtual Reality (paid)

Best TV App: Red Bull TV (free)

Best AR App: Woorld (free)

Best Social Impact: ShareTheMeal (free)

Best Indie Featured: Mushroom 11 (paid)

Best New App: Hooked (free)

So what are your thoughts on these Google Play best apps winners of 2017? Try these and share your feedback in the comments section below.

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