Golf Clash Tips: Tricks, Hack and Cheats Tutorial

golf clash hack cheats tips and tricks guide

Golf Clash is the best and most played golf game on Android and iOS. It has millions of players from around the world who challenge each other daily in fun live matches and events. Before anything else, check out this guide to install Golf Clash Mod Apk for Android. After that, read instruction in this Golf Clash Tips, tricks, hack and cheats guide to quickly master the game play and become the best player in the world.

Golf Clash is developed with a view to encourage fast golf matches among players online. Quick 1-on-1 matches are designed to test your skills of ball hitting, timing and aiming. Join global community of online player in Golf Clash and test your golfing skills to see who becomes the champion master in the game. Start the game with your own career. As you progress through various stages of your career, you will be able use reward coins and gems to unlock better clubs, balls, and costume that will help improve your game play.

To help you progress quickly and reach the top of the global leader-board, we have come up with this useful Golf Clash Hack Cheats, tips and tricks guide for players of both Android and iOS version of the game.

Club Upgrades

First and the most important thing is to keep your golf clubs upgraded at all times because better clubs means you can hit the ball with just the right power and direction to score maximum points. When it all boils down to two player with almost identical skills and level coming up against each other in online competition the only thing that will give one player the edge over the other is a better set of clubs.

You start getting new chests as you progress in the game. But chests are locked that you must first unlock in order to use the goodies that come with them. Don’t wait too long to unlock chests; do it as soon as you get them otherwise they will get clogged up and wasted. These chest have coins, gems and new clubs. You get the first club in full but all clubs after that come only in parts. So when a part of a club is unlocked, you can upgrade it to improve its stats. Keep an eye on clubs to ensure that you are using the best clubs and balls for any given round.

When it comes to balls, they work differently than clubs. You don’t get the stat boosts with balls – special modifiers give balls their special characteristics, like some will swing more than the others and some travel further. There are some balls that have a special wind resistant characteristic that mellow the impact of wind and keep the ball from deviating away from its course. There is one annoying issue with balls, they disappear after you use them in matches. New balls cost extra gems. But we have got you covered there as well, download Golf Clash Mod with free unlimited money for unlocking clubs and balls at any stage.

Manage and Adjust Power to Hit Perfect Shot

There is an on-screen shot meter that acts as guide to assist players hit the perfect shot. To hit a normal shot, you pull the golf ball back into the blue circle and when target circle turns blue you know that the time is right to release the shot. This is the default game method to hit the ball so that players can get ideal shot distance and power. BUT, by slightly adjusting the shot technique you can pull off a miraculously perfect shot that even the best players in the game will struggle to copy. You can pull the ball a bit further than the standard, which will pull the target circle out of the focus coupled with the power arrow swinging back and forth faster then its normal speed.

However, this technique is not without its risks – you risk losing control and direction in order to hit long distance shot. Similarly, you can pull the ball just a little bit to hit it lighter than the normal if the distance to the hole is not too much. When it comes to putting the ball, make sure glowing lines are in line with the hole. When the hole turns blue and hole flag goes up, it indicates that you are in perfect position.


Spin Control

This is the hardest part because controlling spin depends on the speed of wind. That’s why before hitting shot you are given the option to adjust the spin the way you like. There are top and backspin options, that make the ball travel in the desired direction faster than usual. Ball trajectory can be adjusted by adding spin on it. Best balls in the game cost you gems but they offer better control options, such as you can add sideways spin for much better control and accuracy. Spinning the ball should be used only if you have mastered it in practice. Don’t rush it, practice spin before using it in high stake matches.

Unlock Chests

Now that you know the best ways to get the most out of your shots and manage game mechanics, it’s time to find out how to get more gems and coins out of available chests:

  • In Golf Club, there is an achievement system that is designed to help players get reward gems after completing them. You can view updates status of achievements from your profile.
  • When you connect game account to Facebook, it will automatically give you a free platinum chest.
  • Try to constantly move up the league table. When you move up to a high league, you get chest with better, powerful cards.

That’s it as far as Golf Clash tips and tricks are concerned. Share your feedback in the comments section below if you found these tips helpful. Also, stay tuned for more great cheats, hack, tips tutorials that are coming up soon.

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