GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Will Be Coming Out Around PAX East 2017, Claims Anonymous NVIDIA Employee

nvidia geforce gtx 1080 ti launch date moved back until march

NVIDIA fans were left disappointed at CES 2017 when the maker of their favorite GPUs, processors and graphic cards, contrary to the rumored launch of its highly anticipated next-generation GTX 1080 Ti, opted not to show its trump card. This would have come across as a jolt to the hopes of NVIDIA fans who waited for so long to get a glimpse of the GTX 1080 Ti. But the company’s decision to delay the launch of its next-generation GPU product is understandable as its main rival in the industry, AMD, didn’t reveal its counter product named Vega at the CES either. Therefore, lifting the curtains on the GTX 1080 Ti too soon would have afforded AMD ample time to tweak its GPU to match or exceed NVIDIA’s offering in terms of specs and quality. Both tech giants, it seems, never miss out on any opportunity to play mind games when it comes to superseding each other with their products.

According to a fresh report by tech buyer’s guide with links to sources privy to NVIDIA’s plans, the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti is set to launch around PAX East, which will be held from March 10-12, 2017.

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Will Be Available In Multiple Variants Based On AIB

NVIDIA appears willing to wait out a few more weeks, since main rival offer from AMD isn’t going to see the light of the day until June, as per rumors. Announcement that AMD’s chip is months away must have factored in NVIDIA’s decision to push back the launch date of the GTX 1080 Ti to bedeck its chipset before the eventual launch in March. Which means, current GTX 1080 will retain the status of a flagship chip by NVIDIA for a few more months. The tech buyer’s guide conducted an interview with an NIVIDA board partner employee, who understandably refused to be named, is the main source behind this news. In the interview, the anonymous employee said that NVIDIA will be launching its GeForce GTX 1080 Ti card around the PAX East to be held from March 10th to 12th, 2017.

This delay will give NVIDIA additional time to spruce up its GTX 1080 Ti to maintain company’s competitive edge over main rival AMD’s chip before the release, and without any significant impact on sales, since AMD is unlikely to unveil its chip before June. Moreover, this move regarding the delay in the launch of the GTX 1080 Ti will also avoid hurting the sales of the current TITAN X (Pascal) by giving TITAN X some more weeks to squeeze out sales revenue for NVIDIA.

The upcoming GeForce GTX 1080 Ti will be successor to the current top of the line GeForce GTX 1080 by NVIDIA. Its AIB variant will be available from all outlets soon after the launch in March. However, this delay in the launch date of the GTX 1080 Ti doesn’t augur well for the prospected release of the next-generation Volta chips later this year, which may get delayed due to this shift in scheduled launch dates.

AMD’s Vega GPUs are still some time away from refresh as the company is allegedly working on the a dual Vega GPU to replace the current crop of GPU, and are being slated for release sometime in the back end of 2017. Whether NVIDIA counters this move with its own dual GPU lineup or release a standalone single card GPU remains to be seen.

Based on the Vega GPU demonstration during CES 2017, it’s clear that AMD is about to surpass NVIDIA’s current GTX 1080 GPU with its upcoming release, that’s until NVIDIA comes up with a superior response to replace GTX 1080 with a better GPU. Furthermore, AMD Vega GPU is mainly aimed at consumer end of the market with better performing specs, onus is on NVIDIA to mount a prompt replay with the similar or better offer for the consumer market in order to keep all lines of revenues working.

AMD is being tipped to price its upcoming Vega chips at a competitive price level, which will be a good news for end consumer, as the move is sure to have an impact on NVIDIA’s pricing strategy for its next generation GTX 1080 Ti chips. No concrete information regarding the specs of the GTX 1080 Ti is known at this point. For that, stay tuned, as we are going to bring further information regarding the specs of the NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1080 Ti as soon as they are either officially released or leaked. Don’t forget to share your views on this story in the comments section below.

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