Galaxy S8 Could Be The First Device Ever To Feature Bluetooth 5.0


Samsung needs a big comeback after the Galaxy Note 7 disaster to recover some of the losses incurred in the wake of unfortunate exploding incidents. Samsung Galaxy S8 is being tipped to come with many feature never seen or heard for any smartphone device before. Samsung is preparing to ditch many aspects found normally on Galaxy devices to make room for bringing new technology in Galaxy S8 phone. And according to latest round of rumors, Samsung may launch the Galaxy S8 with most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which will be the first ever such tech on any smartphone. Here are the details about this rumor.

Bluetooth 5.0 Will Allow Fast Data Transfer Over Long Distances & Minimum Disruption Than Any Other Currently Available Bluetooth Technology

We learnt in the recent rumors linked to the upcoming Galaxy S8 that it will be launched with flat screen panels, which is one of the many changes being rumored for Samsung’s next high-end device. As per reports, one new feature that could make its way into the Galaxy S8 device is the Bluetooth 5, which like any other technology brings improvements to the currently available Bluetooth services on offer. Tech circles are buzzing with excitement over this Bluetooth 5 rumor, which many are predicting is capable of delivering twice as fast data transfer up to four times the longer distance with negligible interference or distortion during the transfer.

This all sound amazing, right? Bluetooth 5 will make possible to transfer HD content over longer distances at faster speed with minimum data loss. Moreover, Bluetooth 5 will be capable of relaying/broadcasting message of larger capacity along with compatibility with already available widespread technology and refined connectivity.

With Bluetooth 5 enabled on smartphones, users will be transfer IoT apps to transfer the data and communicate with other mobile devices even when they are outside normal Bluetooth range. If this Bluetooth 5 for Galaxy S8 turns out to be true, it means we are getting ever so close to the times when users will be able share applications running on IoT standard. Another big advantage that Bluetooth 5 will bring is the longer battery life, since its much more efficient technology than the currently available Bluetooth tech. Bluetooth 5 coupled with Snapdragon 835 will bring an ever better overall Galaxy S8 package.

Please keep in mind this is just a rumor and should be taken with a grain of salt. It can only be confirmed with the official launch of the device. Stay tuned for more development on this matter.


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