Galaxy S7 Edge Glossy Black Color Images Leaked – Jet Black iPhone 7 Rival Is Here


Samsung is getting ready to take on Apple’s Jet Black iPhone 7 device with their own version of Galaxy S7 Edge Glossy Black colored smartphone. Today, leaked images of upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in all new Glossy Black color surfaced online and here we have brought all leaked images for you to see Galaxy S7 Edge in all its Glossy Black color glory. New was already swiveling around that Samsung has a Glossy Black Galaxy S7 Edge device in works, but nothing was confirmed. This leaked gallery of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Glossy Black has confirmed that soon you’ll be able to get your hands on shiny new Galaxy S7 Edge in glossy black color. In the images we don’t see Galaxy S7 in glossy black, for now, Samsung might bring only S7 Edge device in glossy black.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Glossy Black In Shiny Layer With Fingerprint Magnet Almost Confirmed

As can be seen in the leaked images, dual-curved edged display is evident on the front side of the phone, and since we can’t see any flat edges, its clear that the device in leaked images is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. This prompts a question, why’s Samsung sticking to only Galaxy S7 Edge as far as Glossy Black color is concerned. Well, the answer is quite simple, first the Galaxy S7 Edge is more closely related to now doomed the Note 7 device, it also boasts better hardware specs than the Galaxy S7. Which Samsung thinks will be in a better position to challenge Jet Black iPhone 7.

The Galaxy S7 edge has larger display compared to Galaxy S7 offering bigger viewing real estate for watching photos and videos not to forger amazing curved edged display. And of course, 3,600mAh battery on Galaxy S7 Edge gives more mileage per charge. A 5.5-inch display size makes Galaxy S7 edge a closer rival to iPhone 7 Plus, hence the restricting the Glossy Black color to just S7 Edge also makes sense. In the leaked images, Glossy Black Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a complete set of accessories that shows Samsung is intending to offer users a complete package.

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Internal specs of the Galaxy S7 Edge are the same as before. Samsung has kept its uniquely famous QHD AMOLED display on Glossy Black Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The device supports a stunning 12MP back end camera that is perfect for taking HD photos and recording 4K videos. Our guess is the Glossy Black Galaxy S7 Edge will come with a fingerprint magnet embedded in the device, and like iPhone 7 Jet Black will be highly prone to scratches, so keep it away from keys and sharp objects and have it protected with casing.

Nothing is confirmed as to the official release data of the Galaxy S7 Edge glossy black, but rumors are suggesting the device should be available for purchase sometime later this month or early next month just in time for the peak Christmas holiday season.

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