Galaxy S7 Dethrones Galaxy S5 As The Most Used Handset In The World


Galaxy S7 juggernaut has managed to put another crowning achievement in its long list of records in the mobile phone market. A new report has surfaced that shows Samsung’s Galaxy S7 smartphone now boasts highest number of users all across the globe, toppling the Galaxy S5 which previously held the top spot. Here are the details.

When it comes Android smartphones, no one comes close to the Galaxy lineup of handsets from Samsung and the last year’s model, the Galaxy S7, is now the most used device in the world, according to a new report. Samsung’s Galaxy phones are the preferred choice of millions who want the open-source nature of Android in a device that is capable enough to deliver top-notch performance over a long period of time. Samsung pooled all the best bits from the previous generations of Galaxy phone and packed them in one place with improved specs of Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

In fact, both Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge performed so well that Samsung managed to come out of the Note 7 disaster relatively unscathed in terms of PR and revenues. You can say Galaxy S7 brought Samsung back from the edge of financial disaster after the Note 7 fiasco. The sales numbers of the Galaxy S7 phone are testament to the seamless hardware and software fusion that was able to keep them in demand and carry the Samsung ship above troubling waters by racking up impressive sales number in the aftermath of the Note 7 episode. And that momentum has finally allowed Galaxy S7 series of phones topple the older Galaxy S5 phone as the world’s most used mobile.

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ScientiaMobile’s Q1 2017 Report Says That The Galaxy S7 Is The Number 1 Phone In The World In Terms Of User Base

Mobile Overview Report (MOVR) reveals that Samsung Galaxy S5 has been overtaken by the impressive Galaxy S7 as the world’s number one handset with most users. The report also mentions that the Galaxy S5 reached its zenith in popularity back in the November of 2015 when around 5.5 percent smartphone users owned the model.

In the following year, Samsung brought the Galaxy S6 smartphone which was even better than the Galaxy S5 when it comes to hardware specs and unique software features. Most distinguishing feature of the Galaxy S6 was its glass and metal chassis, which marked Samsung’s departure from plastic body flagship Galaxy phones. The Galaxy S6 achieved its peak usage numbers in June 2016 with 3.1 percent but failed to grab its predecessor’s top place.

And then came the Galaxy S7 which continues to reach new levels of popularity around the world. In has managed to outsell both the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6 and did that faster than any previous Galaxy phone in just 400 days since the launch. Now lets see how this year’s Galaxy S8 fares compared to the Galaxy S7. We will have to wait until the next report from ScientiaMobile to find out.


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