Flash Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ Official Firmware – [ Downgrade to Stock ]

download and install stock firmware on samsung galaxy s8 and s8 plus using odin

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to flash stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ to downgrade/upgrade to official version. If you have recently purchased a shiny new Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus smartphone, chances are you might have already tried to tinker with your device to unpack full power by installing a custom recovery/ROM or unlock root access. But what if rooting and custom recovery starts causing issues and errors on your device? Well, we have an easy solution for you. See instructions in this guide to learn how to download and install official firmware on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ to revert back to stock state.

Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone have been the main target of Android developers who regularly release custom ROMs, recoveries, MODs, kernels and other customization apps and tweaks to enable users unleash the full potential of their device. You will find large variety of Android ROM, firmware and custom tweaks for Galaxy phones that help to improve performance, and modify phone according the personal liking of the user.

Installing custom ROMs and firmware is fun and exciting, that’s why Android is a preferred choice of millions around the world as it lets users personalize phones with custom tools. But there is also a downside to this which involves unexpected errors and performance issues surfacing after installing custom mods. Moreover, smartphones tend to slow down with time because of all the cookies, junk and hidden files that clog up on the main hardware. In all such cases, install stock firmware or downgrading to official firmware is the only solution to bring the device back to the normal working condition with faster performance like when you first purchased it.

Flashing stock firmware on Android device helps solve many problems that can’t be fixed with any other method. This is why Samsung offers a helpful tool called Odin for Windows PC and Mac users that can be used to flash stock firmware anytime user wants to fix serious performance issues. After installing official firmware your device will lose root access and any custom ROM/recovery will be erased during the process. Flashing stock firmware can make your device perform and look like brand new.

How to Downgrade Galaxy S8/S8+ to Official Stock Firmware

Flashing stock firmware has many advantages. If you have a rooted device with custom recovery and tools installed on it, you can retain the lost warranty on such a phone by reverting back to stock firmware version. Furthermore, you can fix any virus, bugs, or device slow down issues by reinstalling official firmware. Using Odin to flash stock firmware is Samsung approved method, so you won’t lose KNOX warranty in the process. But even then we do not take responsibility of any kind of damage to your device if something goes wrong during the flashing process.

Required Download Files:

Steps to Install Stock Firmware on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

Step 1 – Click on the stock firmware file link above to open firmware download page and enter your device’s model number. You can find the model number from Settings > About Phone > Model Number. Download builds are available for Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Exynos and Snapdragon variants.

Step 2 – Next, power off your phone and boot it into download mode.

Step 3 – Now, connect your phone to computer. Use original USB cable for connection.

Step 4 – Download Odin on computer and extract it to open the tool on Windows PC or Mac.

Step 5 – If the downloaded firmware file is in zip format, extract it on computer to get firmware file with tar.md5 extension.

Step 6 – Back on Odin, click AP button and select the firmware file.

Step 7 – Hit the Start button to begin the flashing process and wait for it to finish.

Step 8 – After the installation your device will automatically reboot. First reboot may take several minutes as new firmware settings and apps are being set up in the background, so be patient.

Step 9 – That’s all.

After the reboot you can start using official stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus with default factory settings.

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