[FIXED] Galaxy S5 ‘Not Registered On Network’ (No SIM Card) Error


In the following tutorial, we are going to share useful methods that will help you to Fix Not registered on Network issue on your Galaxy S5 smartphone. Actually there are a number of ways to go about resolving No SIM Card issue, otherwise known as Galaxy S5 Not Registered On Network problem. So if you are an owner of a Samsung Galaxy device like the Galaxy S5 or even older Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S3, and Galaxy Note 2, then you should check the instructions in this post to learn how to Fix the omnipresent “Not Registered on Network” problem.

When your Galaxy phone encounters this Not Registered on Network issue, it is unable to make phone calls. Device thinks that there is No SIM Card slotted inside the SIM tray even if its properly inserted in the right place. Moreover, the error doesn’t allow users to send text messages and access the internet via mobile data.

This problem has been ever present on Samsung’s Galaxy phones that has irked many of its users due to the fact that it doesn’t allow them to perform even the most basic of phone functions such as making calls and sending text messages. Whenever a user tries to call someone from the phone app by selecting a contact in it, an error message pops up on the screen. Same issues surfaces when you try to send a text from the messaging app.

galaxy s5 not registered on network error

There could be a number of reasons for “Not Registered on Network” problem. Here are some useful solution to this SIM card detection error on Samsung Galaxy S5 and older Samsung Galaxy devices.

Check IMEI And EFS Folder

Major issue bring this could be the corrupted IMEI and EFS folder. To check the status of your device’s IMEI, head over to the Settings > About Phone and note the Baseband and IMEI version. If these two options are shown as “Unknown”, then there is an issue with the IMEI. It is most probably corrupted at this point.

If your device is going through corrupted IMEI and EDS folder, check out How To Backup IMEI and then fix unknown baseband to solve the problem.

Enable And Disable Airplane Mode

However, if IMEI and EFS folder as well as Baseband are working properly, then try activating Airplane Mode. When you turn ON this feature, it disables all radio antennas in your device along with cutting all mobile connections to it. This is to address any possible issue with the mobile connectivity on your device. Now wait for over 1 minute and then turn OFF the Airplane mode. This should fix the Not Registered on Network error on Samsung Galaxy S5 or older Galaxy devices.

Remove and Reinsert SIM Card

On some occasions, it has been noticed that users were unaware about the condition of the SIM card. Check if your SIM card is not broken or damaged in any way. Open the back case of the Galaxy S5 and remove the battery followed by taking out the SIM card from its slot. Make sure that the SIM card is in working condition. If not, then contact your network provider to order a new one.

Reset The Phone App

As a solution of last resort, go to Settings > Application Manager > All Apps. Scroll down until you see the phone app, tap on it and then tap Wipe Cache.

These are the method that should work to fix Not Registered on Network issue on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and other Galaxy branded phones from Samsung. However, if none of the above solutions work, you should send your phone to the store for professional to dissect the issue.

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