Fix Video Call Issues On WhatsApp – [The Best Ways]


In this guide we are going to share the best ways to fix Whatsapp video call issues on any Android and iOS powered device. WhatsApp with Video Call feature has been released across the globe. The new video call feature on WhatsApp offers perhaps the best video call experience than most dedicated video call apps currently available on Android and iOS platforms. Best thing about WhatsApp is its industry leading encryption technology that ensure all your calls are end-to-end encrypted, which makes WhatsApp number one choice of millions around the world for sending/receiving instant text messages and video calling. This also explains why WhatsApp remains ahead of the competition and has amassed over a billion users around the world.

Just like text message, your video calls via WhatsApp are encrypted end-to-end leaving no chance for outside interference and surveillance by hackers and unwanted person. While you can continue to use great texting features of WhatsApp, what makes it even more useful and productive is now it lets use video call contacts in your WhatsApp list over a protected link so that no one can spy on you.

Enabling video call on Whatsapp is super easy, all you need to do is to press the new call button in the app indicated by a phone icon and see a list of friends, family and contact to whom you can video call. It doesn’t get much easier than this. Being a recently introduced feature, Video call feature has lots of room for improvement, which we will surely see in upcoming updates. We regularly post latest WhatsApp beta APK download links on this site as soon as they’re released to make sure visitors to this site don’t miss out on any new WhatsApp feature.

Although, Facebook has released WhatsApp video call enabled updated version all across, but some users might not have heard of this great new feature or haven’t updated to the version with video call feature in it. Like we mentioned earlier, since this video call feature is relatively new in WhatsApp, it could contain some bugs, or may not work on some devices, or could face unexpected issues which most WhatsApp users might not know how to fix right away. To fix WhatsApp video call issues and to get used to it will take some time. But with the help of guides that we have shared below, you can be ready to fix video call issue on WhatsApp right there and then permanently.

Fix WhatsApp Video Call Problems With These Helpful Tips & Tricks

See the step-by-step solutions to various video calls problems on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Video Call Feature Isn’t Working

WhatsApp video call feature to work requires both send and receiver of video call to have WhatsApp video call feature enabled update version installed on their device. If the video call icon is not shown in your WhatsApp, it may be because you haven’t upgraded to the version with video call feature enabled. Or the person on the other end may not have WhatsApp video call version installed, or the resident countries of either sender or receiver haven’t received WhatsApp video call update. In such as case, you can go ahead and manually update to the latest WhatsApp with video call feature via APK download method that we shared in the link above.

Also note that you cannot use WhatsApp video call feature on devices that doesn’t support video call feature or lack a front facing camera.

WhatsApp Video Call Low Quality Issue

WhatsApp video call quality suffers when you have too many running applications open in the background eating up device resources and RAM. To ensure that the Video call quality on WhatsApp doesn’t get effected, free up RAM and processor resources by closing unnecessary apps. Or switch to a faster internet connection, if WiFi or mobile data are not working properly, connect the device to a more stable network before using WhatsApp video call feature. If even that doesn’t work, restart your device and use video call feature again.

WhatsApp Video Call Stuttering Issue

You can easily fix WhatsApp stuttering issues by updating to the latest app version, restarting the device, closing the app and opening it again, switching the device to a more stable connection, or closing background apps that you’re not using. Also, make sure that video call feature is supported on your device.

WhatsApp Video Call Paused / Stuck Unexpectedly

Main culprit behind this issue is the faulty internet connection. Make sure your device is connected to a proper internet service. If you’re unable to video call over WiFi, then switch to mobile data to see if that works or the other way around.

Try restarting the device and use WhatsApp video call feature again. Most of the problems are solved by a simple restart. Sometimes, having too many open applications running in the background can out an extra load on device’s resources that might well be interfering with WhatsApp video call connection to cause it to stuck or freeze unexpectedly. Close background apps before using video call feature on WhatsApp.

These are the common video call issues currently being faced by WhatsApp users. Fixed are easy and stragithforward, it should take much time to fix video call issue on WhatsApp. If you’re still facing issues in using video call feature on WhatsApp, contact us in the comments section below.

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