Fix ‘Unlock BootLoader Couldn’t Verify Device’ on Redmi Note 3 [How-To Guide]

two ways to fix unlock boot loader couldn't verify device error

Like most Android phones, Xiaomi devices come with bootloader locked out-of-the-box and users are required to apply for official permission from the manufacturer itself to unlock the boot loader on devices such as MI Max, Redmi Note 3, Redmi Mi Note, and other models. Unlocking bootloader is the first thing you need to do in order to even think about installing MODs, customization tweaks, custom firmware, kernels, ROMs, and many more device personalization solutions. However, many users of Xiaomi handsets are complaining that they are facing issues like Unlock BootLoader Couldn’t Verify Device error on their devices. Some say that the boot loader unlocking process is stuck at 50% mark. In this useful tutorial we are going to look at the best ways to fix the Unlock BootLoader Couldn’t Verify Device Error and Unlock the Bootloader of Redmi Note 3 successfully.

The main reason behind this bootloader problem is your Mi login account hasn’t been activated yet. Your Mi account login on phone being different from the one on the Mi Unlock tool could also block boot loader unlocking attempt. So, if you are encoutering any such boot loader unlocking error, read the instructions in this guide to learn how to unlock the Redmi Note 3 bootloader to fix the Couldn’t Verify Device issue. You can use the guide for Xiaomi devices that come with the locked bootloader. The solutions are easy to understand and even non-expert users should be able to apply these solutions without any difficulty. But please backup Xiaomi device data before moving to the solution part.

Prerequisites to Unlock BootLoader on Xiaomi Phones

  • First of all, you have to apply for the bootloading unlocking permission on the official page.
  • Download Mi Flash Unlock tool and install it on your computer.
  • This tutorial works on all Xiaomi devices running MIUI firmware versions, including Global, Chinese, Developer, beta, or custom versions.
  • Make sure your device has over 60% battery before starting.

Best Ways To Fix Unlock Boot Loader Couldn’t Verify Device Error On Redmi Note 3 & Other Redmi Phones

One mistake that many Xiaomi users do is that they start the boot loader unlock process immediately after getting the unlock confirmation message from the company. Ideally it is recommended that you wait anywhere from 5 to 7 days before attempting the unlock process because even after the official approval, sometimes actual process takes some time to work properly.


Step 1 – Go to the MI Account application page on your device.

Step 2 – Login with phone number. Use same number you used to get the unlock permission for your mobile.

Step 3 – Now, on PC, visit the and sign in using the MI account with your phone number.

mi account login

Step 4 – When your logged in, you will see all connected devices on a list. Delete all devices older ones as well as those you are no longer using from the list. Only leave the device currently in your use and also make sure it is connected online. If you don’t see current device on the list, click Find My Device option in Mi Web Account.

redmi note 3 connected device

Step 5 – Now, don’t do anything else. Leave everything as it is for a day or so.

Step 6 – Come back after a day or so time, and Enable Developer Options on your phone. For that, go to Settings > About Phone and tap on MIUI Version 7 times in quick succession until you see a message saying ‘You have enabled Developer Option’. Leave this if developer options is already enabled. When done, go to Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options > Enable OEM Unlock and USB Debugging option.

Step 7 – Power off your device and reboot it into the Fastboot Mode by pressing and holding the Volume Down and Power keys at the same time until you see Mi Fastboot logo on the screen.

Step 8 –  Launch the Mi Unlock tool on PC and login to your Mi account with phone number.

Step 9 – Hit the Unlock button.

Step 10 – That’s all.

Congrats! BootLoader on your Xiaomi device is now unlocked.


This is the preferred method, it worked for me, do give it a go if the above method isn’t working for you.

Step 1 – Flash any Fastboot ROM on your Xiaomi device. Make sure ROM is stable if you are flashing a cusom ROM.

Step 2 – Once ROM is flashed, disconnect your device from PC.

Step 3 – Power off your device and reboot it.

Step 4 – This is very important, do not configure anything on the setup wizard screen and that includes MI account, Wifi, or anything else.

Step 5 – Now, when your are on the Select Language screen, hard reboot your device to fastboot mode by pressing and holding Power + Volume Down buttons simultaneously and keep holding the keys until device is off and fastboot mode screen shows up.

Step 6 – In the Fastboot mode, click the Unlock Tool option and login with your Mi Account and phone number and follow on-screen instructions as prompted to complete the unlock process.

Step 7 – That’s all.

If you are still facing bootloading unlocking problem on Xiaomi, contact us via comments section below. We will get back to you with the solution.

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