Fix Unfortunately Google Allo Has Stopped Error on Android – Here’s How To


Here’s a guide to fix Unfortunately Google Allo has Stopped Error on Android devices. Google Allo is the latest and greatest Android chat app from Google that not provides all advanced chatting features as well as all Google services integration, so that you can access every Google service like YouTube, Play Store, Google Now and more without leaving the app. Google Allp messenger app from Google is rather good chatting app that is fast and secure. But since it is relatively new app, some errors are expected to happen, we already discussed how it is difficult to find friends already using Google Allo in the app to connect, you can see the solution guide here. Similarly, there is another irritating error that has been poping up frequently on Google Allo and that is Google Allo has stopped working error on Android devices. We have mentioned several solutions below for you to try on your Android device to fix Google Allo error.

How To Fix Unfortunately Google Allo Has Stopped Working Error on Android Mobile and Tablets

There are different ways you can fix this error. Below we have mentioned Google Allo fixes for Sony Xperia and Samsung Galaxy smartphones running on Android.

Fix Google Allo Error on Sony Xperia Devices:

Solution 1

1 – Press and hold the Power + Power off keys on your Xperia device.

2 – Now to reboot the device in safe mode, tap OK on the safe mode prompt.

3 – Tap on the Application icon on the Home screen.

4 – Scroll down until you see the Settings icon and tap on it.

5 – In Settings, scroll to the Device option and tap Apps.

6 – Select Google Allo and tap on wipe Google Allo data & cache option.

Solution 2

If the above solution didn’t work then follow steps given below.

1 – Turn off your device.

2 – Now to reboot the device in safe mode, press and hold Power + Home + Volume Up keys together and keep pressing them until the device reboots.

3 – Use volume up and volume down keys to navigate the safe mode menu and select Wipe Cache Partition option by pressing the Power key to wipe the cache.

4 – Once the cache partition is wiped, reboot the device and see if the issue is resolved.

If not then see the next solution.

Solution 3

1 – Turn off your device.

2 – Press and hold Power + Home + Volume Up keys simultaneously to reboot the device.

3 – Release the Power Button when you see the the device logo, but keep pressing Home and Volume Up keys.

4 – Release remaining two keys when Android logo shows on the display.

5 – To navigate through the menu, use the Volume Down button and press the power key to select the wipe data/factory reset option.

6 – In the next menu screen, select YES when prompted.

7 – Wait for the process to complete after which select the Reboot system now option by pressing the Power button.

8 – That’s all.

Fix Google Allo Error on Samsung Galaxy Devices:

1 – Turn off your Galaxy device.

2 – To reboot the device in the safe mode, turn ON your device and keep pressing the Volume Down key at the same time.

3 – Let go of the Volume Down key when your device enters the safe mode and you see the sage mode notification at the bottom of the screen.

4 – Once in the Safe Mode, tap the app drawer and navigate to the Settings app.

5 – In settings app, tap Application Manager, then tap on All Applications and select Google Allo from the list.

6 – In Google Allo Settings, tap on Google Allp wipe data and cache buttons and reboot your device.

7 – That’s all.

Try these solutions and share your views in the comments section below.

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