Fix TuTuapp could not be Installed / Downloaded at this time

tutuapp cannot be installed at this time error

Tutuapp could not be Installed / Downloaded at this time error is commonly faced by users of popular third-party app store on iOS and Android devices. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to easily fix what could be a potentially serious error. This error mostly occurs on iOS devices when you try to install TuTuapp Store App. You might have come across plenty of solutions on the internet to fix the error Tutuapp cannot be Downloaded / Installed at this time but most of them fail to resolve the issue permanently. One of the biggest hurdles in fixing Tutuapp error is the default language of the third-party app store, which is in Chinese. Had it been in English, it would have been easier to fix the problem. After trying various solutions, i have been able to find some really useful solutions to fix the error TutuApp Could not be downloaded at this time or tutuapp unable to download app after downloading the app store. Tutuapp doesn’t install apps if you get the error TutuApp could not be installed at this time error. Those of you who are facing TuTuApp Download error, try these workarounds mentioned below in this post and see if they get the job done on your device.

Here are the best solutions to fix the error Tutuapp cannot be Installed at this time or Tutuapp unable to install/download at this time. This error mostly shows up when you try to install apps from a third-party app store like TuTuApp for iOS and TuTuApp for Android. It is highly likely that this error results due to issues with the WiFi router. So, check if your phone is connected to a WiFi router properly, and then apply the following methods to fix the problem on your device.

tutuapp not working unable to download fix

TuTuapp Could not be Installed or Downloaded at this time – Fix

This is the most workable solution to fix TuTuapp could not be Installed or downloaded at this time error. It is very easy, you need to make a few changes in the settings of your iPhone or iPad to fix TuTuapp download error.

1 – Grab your iPhone/iPad and head over to Settings > General > Date & Time.

2 – Toggle the Set Automatically option to OFF position to disable this setting.

3 – Make changes to the date by setting it to any date in the year 2012. For example, set device date to December 25, 2012.

4 – Close the settings app and try installing TuTuapp again.

5 – This time it should work without any issue.

6 – Once Tutuapp is properly installed on your device, you can revert changes made in date back to current date and time and turn the Set Automatically toggle back to ON.

7 – That’s it.

If the above solution doesn’t work, problem could be with the WiFi connection. Follow the steps below to see if that works to fix TuTuApp Installation error on your iPhone/iPad.

fix unable to download tutuapp issue

TutuApp Could not be Downloaded or Installed at this time Error – Fix

When you try to download any app and get the error Tutuapp could not be Installed / Downloaded at this time, in that case try to download TuTuApp by first connecting your device to a different WiFi network. If the Tutuapp installation goes through without any error, it means the problem is with your WiFi router.

Here are the steps to identify the issue and fix the error by making some changes to router’s settings.

1 – Open any browser app on your device.

2 – Google IP address of your WiFi router.

3 – Login to your WiFi portal from where you can change settings.

4 – Open DNS Server Settings of your router.

5 – Change DNS server address to, which is Google’s public DNS server IP.

6 – Save new settings and logout.

7 – Now try downloading the app again. This time it should go through without any issue.

8 – That’s all.

So, this was a useful workaround to fix the error Tutuapp could not be downloaded or Installed at this time if the problem is on the router’s end. Or you can follow the steps mentioned in the Data & Time trick above to fix Unable to Download error on your mobile device. If these workarounds worked to fix the error Tutuapp cannot be Installed/Downloaded at this time, then let us know in the comments box below which one worked on your device.

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