Fix Sony Xperia Bootloop After Unlocking Bootloader – Here’s How To

fix boot loop on xperia after unlocking bootloader guide

If you’ve got your Sony Xperia device stuck in a boot loop after unlocking its bootloader, then we have a simple solution that will assist you in fixing bootloop error on your Xperia phone. Sony Xperia bootloop issue is a common error but thankfully there is also an easy fix for it. In this post, we are going to share a simple method using which you will be able to fix Sony Xperia bootloop issue after unlocking bootloader on your device.

Those who don’t know much about the bootloader, it allows you to personalize your device by making it easier to perform customization tasks on it, such as install a custom recovery or ROM, flashing firmware or ketnel, and much more. Although, there are method available for install custom recoveries and rooting Sony Xperia devices but those method are either device or firmware specific. Mostly, its required to unlock bootloader on Sony Xperia devices before customizing devices. Xperia devices come with bootloader locked by default, since Sony doesn’t want you to install custom feature that might compromise device safety and security. But with that, its also possible to lift the restriction on locked bootloader manually.

Sony allows you to manually unlock bootloader, but it comes with certain conditions. The most important of which is in case of any issue after unlocking the bootloader, the company will not be responsible for any kind of damage to your device effectively leaving you on your own in case of bootloop error if it arises after unlocking bootloader. If your Xperia device is stuck in a bootloop or is bricked, you’ll be required to fix it yourself since Sony clearly states any issues arising after unlocking bootloader on Xperia devices will not be covered by the company.

So, here, in the guide below, we are going to show you how to fix Sony Xperia Bootloop after bootloader unlock. When you device is in bootloop, it remains stuck on the startup animation screen indefinitely until the battery on the device dies down and its shutdown after which you won’t be able to use it anyway.

Prerequisites For Fixing Bootloop After Bootloader Unlock:

Method below is only for Sony Xperia devices, do not attempt to implement it on any other device.

Make sure you have fully working Sony Flashtool downloaded and installed on PC.

This step is really important: After installing Sony Flashtool, go to the location/directory where you installed Flashtool and run it on PC. Now in Flashtool, head over to Flashtool > Drivers > Flashtool-drivers.exe and install Flashtool, Fastboot and Xperia drivers for your device from the list.

Make sure you device has minimum 60% charging available.

Get the FTF file for your desired firmware, if the FTF file already on you, leave this step. If not, then see this guide to download and create official Sony Xperia FTF firmware file.

Its recommended that you use the original data cable that came with your device to avoid any connection issues between PC and Xperia device.

How To Fix Bootloop On Sony Xperia After Unlocking Bootloader:

1 – Make sure above prerequisite condition have been satisfied before proceeding.

2 – Download latest firmware file and create the FTF file using the steps in the guide given in the above link.

3 – Now copy and paste the FTF file to Flashtool > Firmware folder.

4 – Run the Flashtool.exe to open Flashtool software program on PC. Click on the small lightening icon at the top-right corner of the interface screen and select Flashmode.

5 – Next, select the FTF file that you moved to the Firmware folder in step-3.

6 – On the right-pane of Flashtool window, under the Wipe box, select APPSLOG, CACHE, DATA options and hit the OK button to start the get the firmware ready for flashing and wait for it to complete.

7 – When the firmware file is successfully loaded, you’ll see a message prompting to connect your device to PC via USB cable. Power off your device, keep pressing the Back key when connecting your device to PC.

Note: for Xperia devices launched after 2011, keep pressing the Volume Down key instead of the back key on older devices: Power off you device, keep pressing the Volume down key and connect it to PC via USB data cable.

8 – When the device is successfully connected and detected in Flashmode, the firmware flashing process will begin. Keep pressing the Volume Down key throughout the flashing process. Do not leave the Volume Down key until the process is complete.

9 – Once the flashing is complete, leave the Volume Down key, unplug your device and reboot it.

10 – That’s all.

You have successfully install official firmware for your Xperia phone. After the bootup, the bootloop issue will longer affect your Xperia device. For queries send comments below.

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