Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Common Problems

fix common issues on samsung galaxy s7 edge

Galaxy S7 Edge is the flagship smartphone from Samsung that has ushered in a new era among the Galaxy branded phones with its stunning display and high-end specs. The South Korean tech giant launched its latest lineup of top-end smartphones, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, last year. Owing to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle, the Galaxy S7 Edge has managed to maintain its status as Samsung’s flagship device until the release of the much anticipated Galaxy S8 phone in February or March. However, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, like any other electronic gadget, is not problem free. Users of the Galaxy S7 Edge phones have been seen reporting issues on their devices on several Samsung Galaxy and tech forums on the internet. Here, we are going to share tips and tricks to fix common problems on Galaxy S7 Edge.

After carefully monitoring the most common issues being discussed on forums created by smartphone faithfuls, i have managed to gather a bunch of annoying issues that are causing Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge device fail to deliver on its true potential. Some problems may be specific to a particular device, but if you are using Galaxy S7 Edge, it’s likely that at some point you might face these issues. So, bookmark this page, or keep coming back to this post to learn how to address common issues on Galaxy S7 Edge before taking it to a professional for fixing.

Instead of searching the entire internet to find the solution to the problem on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, i have decided to make things easier for you by listing commonly occurring problems on Galaxy S7 Edge along with their solutions in simplest possible terms for anyone to follow and implement to quickly get rid of any issue that may be afflicting their Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Common Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Problems

Here’s a list of common problems that the users are mostly reporting with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. See which one of the issues listed below is affecting your device, and keep on reading to know how to fix that particular issue.

  • Device overheating problem.
  • Bloatware problem.
  • Home & Multitasking button not working.
  • Camera failed issue.
  • Oversensitive capacitive buttons and touchscreen.
  • SD card issue.
  • Bluetooth not working properly.
  • Adoptable storage issue on microSD card.
  • TouchWiz Interface lagging problem.
  • Slow or no WiFi connectivity.

Now let’s see how to fix these common problem on Galaxy S7 Edge one by one.

Common Galaxy S7 Edge Problems And How To Fix Them

Before anything else, let me point this out that most of the problems in the above list are linked to the mobile firmware in one way or the other, which can be fixed by a simple firmware update. Therefore, the first course of action that i would recommend is to update your Galaxy S7 Edge to the latest firmware version, or restore the previous working version until the bugs in the current version get fixed in the new update. Go to device’s Settings app to check if there is a new firmware update waiting there or not.

Some Firmware updates may contain bugs in the initial release, so check if the new update is error free. If there is no new firmware update available, then move on to the solution part below.

Enter Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Into Safe Mode:

Let’s start off with the way to enter your Galaxy S7 Edge into safe mode. There are many advantages of using the safe mode on an Android device that is not working as it should. Safe Mode stops third-party apps and app updates that you have got installed on your Galaxy S7 Edge. This also prevents faulty apps to load on the system. If the device enters the safe mode without any issue, it means the system apps are working fine and the problem resides somewhere in the third-party apps.

How To Enable Safe Mode On Galaxy S7 Edge

1 – Power off your device.

2 – Press and hold the Power + Volume Down keys simultaneously.

3 – Release the Power button when you see the Samsung logo on the screen but keep pressing the Volume Down key until the device restarts.

4 – When the device enters the safe mode, you can release the Volume Down key.

5 – That’s all.

Now, to return to the main OS on your device, simply restart the device back in the normal mode from the main menu of the safe mode.

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Overheating Issue On Galaxy S7 Edge:

Overheating issue is not new in modern smartphone devices. Mostly this issue is related to the bugs and errors in device’s firmware. Usually this issue gets fixed when a new firmware update is released as the manufacturer patches loopholes that cause device overheating.

However, firmware updates could also take some time to release. In the mean time, you need to exercise caution when using Galaxy S7 Edge. Avoid using the device while on charging. Use Bluetooth, WiFi, especially cellular data only when needed, otherwise keep them switched off.

Besides, head over to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage > More > Optimize Battery usage, and select all the apps to enable background battery optimization feature for all installed apps on your Galaxy S7 Edge. Furthermore, navigate to Settings > Battery and turn the Fast Cable charging feature to off position.

Do note that heating is normal on high-end smartphones. Real trouble beings when your device starts overheating at an alarming frequency. If the tips above didn’t help, take your Galaxy S7 Edge to official Samsung support service to get it fixed.

Multitasking / Home Button Not Working Or Unresponsive On Galaxy S7 Edge:

Unresponsive home or multitasking capacitive and touchscreen buttons can ruin smooth user experience on Galaxy S7 Edge. Normally it’s very rare that home or recent apps/multitasking buttons don’t work on Samsung Galaxy devices, however, if there is something wrong with them it may force you to tap more than once.

What you should do to fix this issue is to restart your device which, more often than not, brings the unresponsive buttons back to working state.

fix touchscreen on galaxy s7 edge

Galaxy S7 Edge Camera Issue

It goes without saying that the Galaxy S7 Edge sports one of the best camera of any smartphone device ever created. Even though the chances of errors are next to nothing, but some users are reporting Galaxy S7 Edge camera issues.

Most commonly complained about error is linked with the Warning Camera Failed issue. Bugs in the device firmware may well be the main culprit here, which can be resolved with a firmware update.

Or, go to the Settings app and disable Smart Stay option. The Smart Stay feature on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge checks if the user is facing the display screen or not to automatically fix the focus and light settings. According to some users, they have managed to get rid of the Camera Not Working issue on Galaxy S7 Edge by simply turning off this Smart Stay feature from the Camera Settings.

Galaxy S7 Edge Camera Option Issue Fix

Another issue with Galaxy S7 Edge camera that’s being reported by affected users is the Camera Option feature of the Camera app. When this happens, you can record videos or take picture but can’t access the Camera Options. To fix this problem, disable the Easy Mode in Settings: Go to settings > Easy Mode, turn off Easy Mode and enable the Standard Mode to see if that works. After that, restart the camera app, to gain access to the camera app.

How To Force Close Camera App

For this, head over to Settings > Applications > Application Manager, tap on the camera app and tap on Force Stop. Clear app data and cache. Restart your device to see if the error is fixed.

If normal restart doesn’t resolve the issue, try hard resetting Galaxy S7 Edge. Remember, hard reset erases all device data, so backup your device beforehand. To hard reset, go to Settings > General > Backup and reset > Factory data reset > Reset device > Delete all.

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Oversensitive Touchscreen Issue On Galaxy S7 Edge:

Oversensitive touchscreen can be a real headache at times. Even a slight accidental touch enables some feature, unlocks the device, open the app, and similar other issues. Typing experience also suffers as a result. Try updating your device’s firmware onto the latest version to fix the problem.

As the Galaxy S7 Edge device comes with curved edge display, accidental touches are common. Using a case can prevent accidentally touching the edges of the device to enable related features. You can also try to protect oversensitive screen with screen protectors.

Unfortunately, that’s all you could do to avoid accidentally touching oversensitive touchscreen on Galaxy S7 Edge until a firmware update with bug fixes arrives.


Galaxy S7 Edge SD Card Issue:

Users are complaining that they are getting “SD Card, for transferring phone and media. Explore/Eject.” notification out of nowhere in the middle of the device reboot. This could be due to software issue which can be resolved with software update. You can also try removing and reinserting the microSD card in the slot. Try using a different SD card, if it works, it means problem is with the microSD card. Contact customer support service if the problem is with the hardware.

fix micro sd card issue on galaxy s7 edge

Bluetooth Issue On Galaxy S7 Edge:

Bluetooth issue on Galaxy S7 Edge could occur in two ways: first, Bluetooth fails to connect with your device. Second, Bluetooth Low Energy doesn’t disable when you turn off the feature, which quickly drains the device’s battery.

To fix the first issue, update device firmware if the new update is available. Try force stopping the Bluetooth app, clear app cache / data and restart the Bluetooth app, or try disconnect and reconnect Bluetooth devices.

And to fix the seconds issue, avoid scanning in a loop, or set a time limit on Bluetooth scan.

Galaxy S7 Edge Adoptable Storage Issue:

Check out our complete guide to learn the best way to enable adoptable storage on Galaxy S7 Edge.

Galaxy S7 Edge TouchWiz Interface Lagging Issue:

The Galaxy S7 Edge device has two variants. Each model has its own processor type but both are equally powerful. However, despite these powerful chipsets running on the Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone, some users are reporting their device is lagging or stuttering occasionally. This could a software glitch, which is mostly resolved in the fresh firmware update. Make sure your device is running on latest available Android firmware for Galaxy S7 Edge. If the problem remains, wait for the new update with bug fixes.

Some Galaxy S7 Edge users are blaming the new TouchWiz feature for the interface lagging issue. In this case, disable TouchWiz, and use a reliable third-party launcher for Android instead.

To stop screen lag, stay clear of using Animation Style feature. You may find Animation Style cool to open and close the app, or when you unlock your device. On the other hand, it can also result in a snappy screen and lags.

Turn off Animation Style on Galaxy S7 Edge to avoid screen lagging. To to do, head over to Setting > System > About Device > Software info and tap seven times on Build Number to enable Developer Option. Next, navigate to Settings > System > Developer Option where you will see Windows Animation Scale, Transition Scale, and Animation Scale duration scale and scale them down to 0.5x from the default x1.0 setting.

There is another way to fix this issue, that is to Wipe Cache Partition: Press and hold the Home + Power + Volume Up button together. When you see the Samsung log on the screen, release the Power button while keep on holding the Volume UP + Home keys. And when the Android logo appears, let go of all pressed keys. You device will now enter the System Recovery Mode. Here, select the Wipe Cache Partition option using the volume key to navigate and power the key to confirm your selection. Once done, return to the main menu of the System Recovery Mode and select the Reboot System Now option to reboot the device back to normal firmware.

Galaxy S7 Edge WiFi Issue:

First thing you should do is to restart your phone to see if that fixes WiFi slow or signal dropping issue. If not, then set the device WiFi connection to IPv4 rather than IPv6. Or else disable Bluetooth and then try reconnecting the device with WiFi network.

Wrap Up

These were the common issues in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that many of the device’s users have been reporting on various internet forums. I hope you found the tips and tricks to fix common issues on Galaxy S7 Edge useful. Don’t forget to leave comments below, if you are still facing any issue with your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

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