Fix “Phone Isn’t Supported” Issue in TowelRoot


TowelRoot is a powerful solution for rooting Android phones. Root process becomes lot easier with Towelroot. Any fan of Android root knows that unlocking root access on smartphone or tablet is no easy task. The process requires downloading necessary files on to your computer, then install a program that supports root on that particular Android smartphone model followed by connecting your device to computer for rooting it. These are too many steps involved in traditional Android root process. But all this is made easy thanks to TowelRoot tool.

Developers behind Towelroot designed this solution to make root process simple. With this in your possess it is possible to root an Android device without needing to have access to a computer. Towelroot enables rooting directly on an Android device. You don’t need to be around a computer or require flashing files from online sources. The creators of Towelroot say that their tool works on all Android phones. That being said, there are some devices that don’t work with the TowelRoot. When you try to root an unsupported device this error messages shows up: This phone isn’t supported by Towelroot.

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The main issue which causes this error lies with the modstrings that are required to modify the exploit parameters for completing root on different Android phones. If pre-defined modstrings don’t work on your device, you can change them manually in order to make TowelRoot root your phone.

fix towelroot not supported issue to root android device

If you Android smartphone isn’t supported and you launch the TowelRoot and then press the “Make it rain” button, an error message pops up saying the phone isn’t currently compatible.

To manually change the modstrings, launch the Towelroot app on your device, tap three times on the “Welcome to Towelroot V3” sign. This opens a white box under the “Make it rain” button where you need to type the following codes in sequence:

  • Code 1. 1337 0 1 0 4 0
  • Code 2. 1337 0 1 7380 4 0
  • Code 3. 1337 0 1 0 4 1

The first code above is the standard entry and should work on most Android devices. If the Towelroot shows that your phone isn’t supported, type the first code and then hit the root button. If this doesn’t work, and you own a Samsung Galaxy device, then try the second code listed above.

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The second code should work on all new Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets. Once again, type the number and hit the root button. And the third code is universal that works on all Android devices. It can be used on any modern Android device with only caveat being it is a temporary root solution. You lose root status after every device reboot. You can find more information about the issue from this XDA thread. Don’t forget to let us know which code worked on your device by dropping your views in the comments section below.

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