Fix Parse Error on Android Device – [How to Guide]


Android is most used mobile operating system all over the world mainly because being open-ended platform it allows users to customize their device according to personal preferences, which is not the case with iOS on Apple device. With such a large user base to manage some errors are expected to arise and one of the most common one is parse error on Android. Here, i am going to discuss some simple workarounds using which you can easily fix parse error on any Android device.

Android is famous because of its enormous library of apps wonderfully aligned in various categories for easy search and access. But some errors prevent us from installing apps on Android from Google Play Store and among such error is this most common Parse Error. When you hit install button for an app this error show the message ‘There is a problem parsing the package’ on the screen. There could various reason at play that cause this error on Android, some of them include:

  • App that your tried to download is incompatible with the Android version on your device.
  • You upgraded Android OS on your device after which parsing error arises.
  • ‘Unknown Source’ option is disabled on your device. You can enable it from Settings > Security and check the Unknown Source option to allow the device to install and run apps downloaded via external links.
  • Internal mobile errors can cause this Parse Error.
  • Or maybe you tried to install corrupted apk file.


How to Fix Parse Error on Android:

Here are some of the solution to parsing error on Android. Follow one by one to see which one works best for you.

1 – Check App’s Compatibility

Installing incompatible apps cause parsing error. If you want to be sure whether problem is with app and not with the device then try installing the same on another device with updated Android version installed on it. If it works on it then it means app incompatibility issue caused Parse error.

2 – Check Apk App File

Parse error can occur if you try to install some app downloaded from places other than Google Play Store via Apk file. Check if apk file is corrupted or not, sometime apk file contains errors when you downloaded them from unreliable sources on the internet. Always download apk file for apps from authentic links and sources to avoid parsing error. Uninstall corrupt akp file, download it again from better link and install it again. Also, never change name and code of the apk file because Android device would not be able to recognize the file and won’t install it.

3 – Install Apps with fixes

Here are some more fixes that might prove handy in fixing parse issue:

  • Upgrade Android OS: First try to upgrade to the updated version to see if that installs apps on your device.
  • Clear cache and cookies: Clear cache and cookies of Google Play and try again to install the app.
  • Reset Device: If no other solution worked then final fix is to reset the Android phone/tablet back to factory setting. Although it will delete everything on your device except app that came pre-installed but it also resolves parsing problem.

4 – Disable Security Apps

Many Android users keep many security, antivirus, cleaner apps on their Android devices. If you have Avast, AVG, Norton, Kaspersky or any other antivirus on your device, or SM security or similar apps, and CCleaner, Cleanmaster and others installed then disable them and try installing the app again. Hope this will address parsing problem on your device.

5 – Enable Unknown Resources

One reason why parsing error keeps occurring is that you forgot to enable Unknown Sources option from Settings app before installing apps from links outside Google Play Store. Go to Settings > Security and toggle Unknown Sources on then restart the device and try installing the app again.

Hopefully methods above helped you in fixing Parse Error on Android device. Send us your feedback for more solutions.

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