Fix LG G4 Charging Issues With These Troubleshooting Tricks


If you have been wondering why won’t my lg g4 charge quite often lately, then you might want read troubleshooting methods given in this post to fix LG G4 battery issues and get same fast charging back with battery lasting longer just like it was when you first purchased your device.

Battery remains the only major issue on most modern smartphones which no manufacturer has been able to address successfully. Even on the best of smartphones, battery can be below par and could get worse with time. Unfortunately, on LG G4 battery issues is really a big issues as can be seen on various online forums where the users of LG G4 & LG G4 Plus keep complaining about battery draining quickly, losing charging even on standby and when not in use, or not charging at all or taking long time to get fully charged or not getting charged to full 100 percent level. Some users even say the charger that came with the LG G4 doesn’t work at all. If you have been facing such issues with your LG G4 smartphones, then read the instructions below to learn how to troubleshoot LG G4 charging issues for fixing the battery permanently.

How To Troubleshoot Charging Issues on LG G4

Here are different ways to troubleshoot charging problems with the battery on LG G4/G4 Plus:

Check Charging Cable

First thing you should do when your device is having charging problem is to check whether the charging cable is working properly. Often its the damaged charging cable that’s the main reason behind the charging issues, but before you decide to purchase a new cable, try charging your LG G4 with a replacement USB cable to see if the problem is indeed with the charging cable or something else is causing the issue. If the new USB cable charges LG G4 normally, then you should buy a new USB cable.

Replace Device Charger

LG G4 comes with the Qualcomm QuickCharge 2.0 support, however, after several users complained that the AC charger which came with their device isn’t compatible or working with the QuickCharge 2.0. For some reason LG failed to provide a charger which works with the QuickCharge 2.0 support which is causing charging issues on some models. So try charging your device with a charger that is compatible with QuickCharge 2.0 on LG G4.

However, some users are reporting that even after using chargers that are compatible with the QuickCharge 2.0 support failed to take advantage of the fast charging feature on the LG G4. But most of these users are making a mistake of using a third-party non-approved chargers that are not designed to work with the LG G4 QuickCharge 2.0 feature. You can find more information about this issue here.

Charge Responsibly

It is a well known fact that keeping the device screen on or using it during charging slows down the charging process. So don’t use the device while it is plugged in to a power source. Wait until LG G4 is fully charged before using it and also make sure to keep the display off during charging.

Use Tasker

LG G4 users have discovered that the LED light keeps flashing during charging and the device vibrates to signal that the charging is complete. You can use Tasker (get it here) to set priority mode interrupts to disable features that could prevent normal charging.

Have Your Device Checked

If none of the above troubleshoot methods worked to fix the LG G4 battery charging issues then the problem may lie with the handset itself. There could be an hardware issue which may be the reason behind the slow or no charging on LG G4. Battery may be damaged, charging port could be broken or out of place due to rough use. Well, in that case you can either take your device to a professional to get it checked and fixed or claim the warranty if it’s still valid to apply for a replacement device.

Do share which one of the above methods worked to fix charging issues on your LG G4 in the comments section below or share any solution which you think we failed to mention above.

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