Fix iPhone Random Black Screen Issue [Tips & Tricks]

fix random black screen on iphone

In this post we are going to share useful tip that will help you to fix Random Black Screen Issue on iPhone devices. iPhone users are flooding internet forums with complains that they have been facing a strange problem with their devices. This problem is particular severe on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s when they are updated to iOS 10 or later version of the firmware. But users of other iPhone models and iOS firmware versions can also apply these tricks to see if they work to fix iPhone Random Black Screen problem.

Users of iOS 10 or later are claiming that after installing/update a new iOS update on their iPhone devices, a strange issue starts surfacing on their phones. Some are claiming that after some time their device just freezes and doesn’t respond to taps. In more severe cases, iPhone gets stuck on a black screen for a very long time without responding. Here is some of the complains that we have managed to find from the concerned iOS 11 users on the official Apple forums:

Been using iOS 10.0.1 for about a week on an iPhone 6 and it’s buggy. The issues below have only occurred since upgrading to iOS 10. Please fix in next release or provide solution.

1. Random black screen with spinning wheel. The upgrade went fine, so not that black screen. But at least daily my phone becomes unresponsive and shows a black screen with spinning wheel. After 5-10 seconds I’m prompted to enter my passcode as if the device has restarted. I’m not the only person experiencing this – and even managed to capture the image below.

2 – I’ve enabled the ‘rest finger to open’ option under home screen accessibility, but this doesn’t always work. Again, about once a day, resting my finger to open results in me being prompted to press the home button to unlock. Each time this has happened I’ve checked and confirmed that the ‘rest finger to open’ option was enabled.

This is the image of the affected devices shared by users on the online forum:


So if you are among those unfortunate users, then the following tips might prove useful in addressing the random black screen issue on your iPhone.

Fix Random Black Screen / Black Screen Spinning Bug on iPhone

Mostly this issue is being faced by the users of iPhone 6 devices after iOS 10 update. But others might also be effected by it. In that case, here is what you can do to fix the issue.

1 – First of all, try disconnecting your device from the power source completely.

2 – Press and hold down the Power + Volume Down keys together until your iPhone shuts down.

3 – Now connect your iPhone to computer and wait for a few seconds.

4 – If your device reboots automatically, then the problem should be well and gone. But if it doesn’t, then proceed to the steps below.

5 – Go to the iCloud and click on Devices.

6 – Select your iPhone from the list followed by clicking on Remove From Account.

7 – Once done, launch iTunes while keeping your device connected to computer and perform a full restore.

8 – That’s it.

Congrats! You have successfully managed to fix the black screen issue on your iPhone. You can now update the latest iOS version or restore iOS 10. So far Apple has not acknowledged the issue to be widespread and serious enough to issue an official fix, but we hope that this will change soon. In the meantime you can refer to the guide above to fix iPhone black screen issue and share with friends who are facing the same issue on their iPhone. For further queries, hit us with your comments below.

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