Facebook Launches new ‘Lifestage’ iPhone App


Facebook in its ruthless drive of launching mobile apps has added another one in its ever expanding categories of applications. Latest Lifestage app is iOS exclusive app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices and is targeted at students. Lifestage iOS app allows users to assemble a visual representation of their personalities and interests in a form of snapshots which they can then share with others on social media.

After installing this app, it will be easier for you to find people who share common interests and goals with you on Facebook and Lifestage app. This app will enable you to get to know people around you in an interesting and fun way. Lifestage iOS app is Facebook’s attempt to capture the imaginations of teen demographics, which suits long-term policy of attracting and retaining users for a long time to come.

Download the app from Apple App Store and sign up for an account. Specify your school name followed by your likes, dislikes, interests, emotions via videos, photos and texts. For users of a particular school to gain a status of active member in the app, they need to have minimum 20 active fellow school mates singed up and using the app against that educational institution name.


When you open Lifestage app, it open directly into a camera view that resembles Snapchat in a way, and indicated Facebook’s continued obsession with Snapchat despite after several of its Snapchat copycat apps failing miserably in the past, not to mention Facebook’s failed bid to buy Snapchat itself. Instead of creating a duplicate Snapchat app or copy its features directly – which, by the way, Instagram has already done with Snapchat inspired Instagram Stories app – Facebook has decided to keep its its unique aspects in the app such as user profiles and discovery features. You can say it Lifestage offers a tweaked version Facebook but with a new UI and more options.

Students who sign up for Lifestage app can create their own profiles and start sharing content which will be visible publicly. You can change videos and uploaded content as often as you like. Remember your profile will be associated with your school, do to get active users status, make sure your school has at least 20 students registered against its name in the app. In this way, you will be able to know fellow students in school better by looking at their interests, hobbies, lifestage and more on their profiles. Find and share contact information with others in your network.

Download Lifestage from Apple iOS app store for free. You can use it on iPhone and iPod Touch running on iOS 8 or higher. Thought? Share what think in the comments section below.

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