Facebook is Bringing Live Broadcast Feature to the Desktop


Facebook Live Feature has been a massive hit among users of the world’s most popular social networking site. If you are among the Facebook Live fans but always wanted to use the feature on bigger computer displays than on a smartphone screen when you broadcast, then you may soon get your wish fulfilled as Facebook just announced that it is bringing its much loved Live Broadcast feature for PC users. According to the social network giant, you can access this feature on PC via web browsers. Facebook.com users can select a ‘Live Video’ button in the status update box to start streaming live broadcast.

Search Engine Journal shared a video of Facebook users Delilah Taylor, who it seems is the first users to be able to use this feature. AdWeek sources are of the view that Facebook brought the feature to the PC browsers in response to ‘demand from journalists, vloggers and do-it-yourselfers’.

Facebook Live’s transition from mobile version to PC is a huge development. On the mobile, Facebook was only competing with Twitter’s Periscope app for the live video audience, with the move to PC it has made abundantly clear its intentions of rivaling YouTube and Twitch streamers on PC platform. Social Networking sites are sparing no expenses in trying to lure famous online icons to their platform for attracting new users. Competition between Facebook and Twitter for bringing famous YouTubers on their platforms is hotting up to break YouTube’s monopoly over online ad dollars.

Facebook in a statement said, “We’re starting to roll out the ability for people to broadcast live on Facebook from their desktop or laptop.” With the move to bringing Facebook Live on PC, more people will be able to use the feature and number is expected to surge in coming months.

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