Enable Partial Screenshot on Android Marshmallow – The Easy Way


Here see how you can enable Android Nougat partial screenshot on Android Marshmallow running device. We have already shared a guide on how to use partial screenshot feature on any Android devices running on CM14.1 or earlier ROMs. Screenshots allow you to express your thoughts where words fail. You can share them on social media or save them on your device for save keeping as a record. Screenshots enable you to say more via captured images. But sometimes taking a screenshot of an entire screen is not needed or required when you need only a part of the screen to capture. Well, in Android Nougat there’s a new feature that makes it possible for users to capture partial screenshot of only the relevant bit on the screen. Google’s latest mobile firmware Android Nougat is packed with amazing features including a partial screenshot taking capability by this feature is disbaled/hidden by default. Moreover, you don’t need to have Android Nougat installed on your device to be able to use the partial screenshot feature becuase developers have cracked a method to enable and use Android Nougat screenshot feature on Android Marshmallow running devices.

Like we said earlier partial screenshot feature is hidden in codes and you need to manually enable this feature. Thanks to developers who have shared a method on Reddit regarding how to unlock a hidden code that enables partial screenshot feature on Android device.

As many Android users are aware of that Android powered devices have an built-in function of taking screenshots. Until now Android users had to use third party apps to crop screenshots to focus on a particular part of screenshots. But now developers have figured out a way to activate a partial screenshot on Nougat by changing the code in line 53 of TakeScreenshotService to takeScreenshotPartial(). This will allow you to quickly capture a particular bit of the screen as a partial screenshot. So see a guide below to take partial screenshot without using third party app on your Android Marshmallow device.

So far, it’s unclear whether this Android Nougat partial screenshot feature will be made official available on other Android version. But why wait until then, when you can go ahead and use partial screenshot on Android Marshmallow right away using the Xposed and Android N-ify module. Android N-ify is a widely used Xposed framework which helps users to port Android Nougat features to Android Marshmallow devices.

On rooted Android devices you can activate the partial screenshot feature on Android Marshmallow. To use Android Marshmallow partial screenshot, you’ll need Android N-ify Module and Xposed installed on your device. You need to be aware that this is an experimental feature for which experimental feature of on the Android N-ify module need to be activated, which we’re going to clarify in the guide below. See a step-by-step guide below to enable Android Nougat partial feature on Android Marshmallow.


Rooted Android device

An Android Marshmallow running device

Android N-ify Xposed Module

Xposed Framework installed on your device

How To Enable Partial Screenshot Feature on Android Marshmallow

1 – Download the Xposed Framework and install it on your device. Skip this step if Xposed is already installed on your device.

2 – Download the Android N-ify Module from the link above and install it on your device.

3 – Open the N-ify app and head over to the About section by pressing the icon on the top-right corner of the app interface.

4 – Tap the Android N-ify logo a few times to enable experimental module feature.

5 – Back on the main menu of the app, open Experimental option and check the box next to the Enable Partial Screenshot setting.

6 – Reboot your device.

7 – That’s all.

You can now start using Nougat Partial Screenshot feature on Android Marshmallow devices. For questions, send comments below.

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