Enable Google Photos And Netflix In Google Home, Here’s How To

enable netflix and google photos in google home

Google Home is a great multipurpose app that helps you to control several Google services and other apps quickly from a single device. Here, we are going to show you how to enable Google Photos & Netflix in Google Home to access these two services from the Google Home app on your Android device. Google recently announced that it’s adding more apps and support to its Google Home app including Netflix and Google Photos integration with Google Home. Until now you could only access and watch content on YouTube, but in the latest Google Home update you can also use Google Photos and Netflix services.

Here’s How To Enable Google Photos & Netflix In Google Home

Before moving forward make sure Google Home app is updated to the latest version which you can download and install from the Google Home link above or from Google Play Store. After that you need to connect your account. Moreover, you will need Google app v6.9 or later version.

Follow the steps below to learn how to integrate Google Photos and Netflix services with Google Home.

1 – Open Google Home app.

2 – Navigate to Devices > Home > Settings > More > Videos and Photos.

3 – Select your Google Photos account.

4 – But when selecting Netflix, it will take you to another window prompting you to login with Netflix account.

5 – Now see the table below to for issuing commands for accessing Google Photos and Netflix within Google Home.

access netflix and google photos using google home

You can view photos in Google Home from a time period, specific photos, or location, just like you search for photos in native Google Photos app. As far as Netflix is concerned, specify the screen you wish Google Home to cast. Further improvements are expected in upcoming updates.


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