Download Sony Flashtool with Nougat TFT Support

download sony flashtool

Sony Flashtool with Nougat TFT support has landed for the users of Xperia devices. You can now download the Sony flashtool full free, keep on reading to learn more about it.

Sony’s Flashtool is the management hub through which you can perform customization tasks, flash & restore to stock firmware, create TFT files, and more on Android powered Sony Xperia smartphones. If you own a Sony Xepria device, then having the latest version of the Flashtool is a must-have. Sony Flashtool enables you to flash and update the stock Android firmware on your Sony smartphone manually. Flashing firmware via the flashtool requires you to have the TFT file of the firmware version you wish to install on your phone.

Previously Sony didn’t bother about pushed updates for the Flashtool, but in recent years the Japanese company has become lot more efficient in releasing regular Flashtool updates with fixes, improvements, better features, and support for new firmware and Xperia devices. As you would know by now that Sony has started rolling out Android Nougat update for Sony Xperia devices all across. And to facilitate the installation of Android Nougat, the Sony Flashtool also received an update with Nougat support so that you can use Nougat TFT file to manually install latest Android firmware. This new version of Sony Flashtool supports Android Nougat TFT files. All you have to do is to grab the TFT files of Nougat firmware for your Xperia phone and flash it via the Sony Flashtool. Previous version of the flashtool didn’t support the Nougat TFT file installation, so you have to download Flashtool version.

sony flashtool download

Besides the ability to flash the Nougat firmware via TFT files, the new updated version of the Flashtool can backup TA parition using dirtycow exploit by rayman. Moreover, the USB log parser has also been improved for accurate performance. Below is the official change log that arrived with the Flashtool update:

  • Fix for Nougat sin files parsing. FT should now be able to flash Nougat FTF

  • TA raw backup for all devices exposed to dirtycow exploit. TA backup using dirtycow by rayman

  • More accurate USB log parser for creating fsc scripts

  • In advanced mode, some new TA features: Viewer and custom TA file generator or flashing

  • Added a new device property to tell if fsc is mandatory or not. Check of this property is done before flashing

Download Sony Flashtool (Android Nougat FTF Fully Supported)

1 – Download Sony Flashtool > Link

2 – Install it on computer: follow this guide to install and use the Flashtool.

3 – That’s all.

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