Download Remix OS Player for PC – (Windows 7, 10, 8.1, 8, Vista)


Here you can download Remix OS Player for PC from a fully working direct download links in this post. Remix OS is an Android emulator tool that allows users to run Android apps on PC using its advanced features and options. Think of Remix OS for PC as an operating system that brings Android experience to desktop PCs and laptops. It transforms computer/laptop device into a virtual Android device all the while adapting to the PC environment. Remix OS was launched a few months back and became an instant hit among users thanks to its easy to use interface, broad range of options & features, and the ability to play Android games and apps on PC Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Vista (64-bit) version.

Remix OS for Windows PC is based on the Android-x86 project that lets you launch and run Android apps in Google environment but on computer instead of a mobile device. Most Android emulator lack features which you’ll find only in Remix OS. Its easy to load on Windows PC, you can either install the Remix OS on a USB flash driver, carry it around in your pocket, connect USB to any PC and load it directly from the installation setup folder in USB flash drive to access Android apps and games on desktop PC/laptop. Or you can run Remix OS on PC via VMware tool, which is a slightly tricky method that most casual users would find hard to follow.

However, developers at Remix OS have launched a new Remix OS Player tool that makes it easy for users to run Remix OS on PC without needing to run it from the boot menu. You can run Remix OS side-by-side with the main OS on your Windows device. Remix OS player emulates Android Marshmallow on Windows PC. It resembles BlueStacks Android App Player for PC in many aspects.


Remix OS Player is the normal Android emulator tool that run the latest Android Marshmallow version. Other best free Android emulators around, such as BlueStacks run on Android Lollipop, which is quite an old Android firmware. Remix OS on PC runs the Android Marshmallow, it has latest Marshmallow apps and games, and lots more.

Remix OS is undoubtedly a complete Android operating system for desktop PCs. The Remix OS Player for PC Windows 7/10/8/8.1/Vista interface allows for multitasking with a support for several layers of Windows. The taskbar in Remix OS Player is similar to the one in Windows 10 OS. There’s also an instant live notification bar. Right-click on different elements in Remix OS to open context menus. You can also create keyboard shortcuts to access apps directly by pressing physical keys on keyboard.

You can integrate Remix OS Player with your official Gmail account to get all the latest Google and Android based services pushed directly onto the Remix OS player for PC Desktop. You can run remix OS either from an external USB driver, or through the Live CD mode. It works alongside other operating systems, which you can switch at startup.

Unlike BlueStacks emulator, Remix OS goes a step beyond mere simulating Android apps/games on PC, you can use Remix OS player on Windows to enhance the performance of devices with older hardware, less powerful devices, so that they can run Android apps without slowing the device down or freezing. A new version of Remix OS Player for PC runs over the host operating system and allows you to run all kinds of Android apps/games on Windows.


Remix OS player allows users to map keyboard keys to run apps and games on this Android player. Remix OS Player is a fully customizable tool, you can configure it to your personal liking. Those who wish to play Android games on PC won’t find many Android app players better the Remix OS for Windows. Takes your Android gaming experience to a whole new level with Remix OS player. You can use multiple Android apps and games at the same time, use mouse or keyboard keys to switch between tabs.

Best thing about Remix OS Player that makes it a better offering compared to the other Android emulator tools is its regular updates that bring new features, performance improvements, bugs fixes, and more latest Android apps and games to the Remix OS app store. When you play Android games on PC using Remix OS Player, it makes them look as if you’re playing them directly on your Windows OS. Now lets go ahead download Remix OS Player for PC to run Android apps on PC.

Remix OS Player for PC Download

Remix OS Player is an alternative that lets you use Android apps more efficiently than on a mobile device. See the Remix OS Player download requirements below and click on the download links to install Remix OS Player on PC Windows 7, 10, 8, 8.1, Vista. With Remix OS Player you can run all sorts of Android apps in a Windows-based interface that is fully adapted for use on desktop PCs with mouse and keyboard inputs. Until recently only a 64-bit version of Remix OS Player was available, however, you can now use Remix OS on a 32-bit Windows device.

Before downloading Remix OS Player, it’s important to note that if Remix OS Player maximizes and minimizes constantly on your Windows device, it means your desktop PC or laptop hasn’t got Inter HAXM installed on it which is need to reserve a chunk of RAM for PC while running x86 architecture based Android emulator. You can download Intel HAXM here and install it on your PC to make sure Remix OS Player runs smoothly.

Download Requirements:

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit)

Minimum 4GB RAM

Virtualization Technology in BIOS enabled

Inter Core i3, i5 or i7 processor

At least 8GB of free storage (16GB is recommended)

A working internet connection

ISO disc image

Download Remix OS Player for PC > > > Direct Download Link | Mirror | Link


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